Why Is My Guppies Poop White? (White Poop Diseases vs. Age}

This guppy long stringy poop looks so strange that I needed help to understand. I was also wondering, why is my guppies poop white?

Sometimes it’s transparent, sometimes it’s stuck or hanging out. Is there a disease that must be addressed? Have you heard of white poop diseases?

In this article, I will help explain through research and experience why is my guppies poop white and I hope it will help you as well.

Why Is My Guppies Poop White?

The most likely reason is old age. If your guppy is older than 2 years the poop is usually white.

If the guppy is not old, white stringy poop is a usually a sign of:

  • parasite
  • internal worm 
  • bacterial infection
  • white poop diseases

It is good to notice the early signs and pay attention to the white poop before it is too late and fish loses its appetite. For a true explanation, please check what we found out at our local fish shop below.

Guppies Poop White

Identifying White Poop Diseases

The only noticeable symptoms of white poop disease is the stringy white poop. Even when the guppy is already affected with white poop diseases, they can still be active and feed well.

This makes it difficult to tell the major root cause of the problem.  It could be:

  • internal
  • external
  • protozoa
  • bacteria

If white poop is seen in older guppies that have lived more than 2 years, it is safe to assume it is a sign of ageing. The best that can be done in this case is to provide the most favourable conditions for the affected fish.

How To Spot White Poop Diseases

These diseases can be caused by parasites (internal worm) or bacterial infection. It is difficult to tell the exact types of bacteria or parasite that is responsible for white poop diseases.

But the best way to identify the guppy affected with white poop diseases is:

  • monitor their poop
  • see if water parameters changes occurred 
  • check for abnormalities in the tank
  • visit a vet 
  • bring your guppy to a local fish shop expert 
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Treating White Poop Diseases

These diseases can be prevented by ensuring the general cleanliness of the aquarium tank. Concerning ageing guppies with white poop, it is best to improve the water parameters to best suit them.

For cases caused by parasites and bacteria, the first step is to:

1. Isolate the affected fish

This is because the disease can spread from one fish and affect other members of the aquarium.  However, there is no reason to be scared or panic. Some medicines can cure most diseases of fish and perform general functions.

Even if it is one fish that is affected by white poop disease, it is advisable to:

2. Treat the entire tank to avoid other fish developing these symptoms.

If medicine used to treat water in the tank does not cure the disease, then the infection is internal. You should try the internal treatment.

It is important to be careful while administering drugs to the aquarium to avoid adverse effects.

Why Does My Guppy Have White Stringy Poop?

It’s sad to say, but more often than not, the white stringy poop is a tell-tale sign of a parasite affecting your guppy. You may still notice that your guppy is eating normally, but some of these nutrients are feeding the internal worm or other parasite to keep it alive inside them.

White poop is a warning sign for any guppy that is under 2 years of age. This guppy needs medication to kill the parasite or infection.

Why Is My Pregnant Guppy Pooping White?

Pregnant guppies are
more susceptible to pooping white. Their immune systems are compromised when carrying their fry. Any infection or parasite in the tank targets the weakest members of your community fish.

Pregnant females need separation and medication when you see white poop. Try Seachem ParaGuard or any other similar medication that will treat white poop for pregnant guppy fish.

Why Do My Guppies Have White Poop Stuck Hanging Out?

Sometimes the white poop coming out of a guppy fish is so long that it doesn’t completely drop off into the tank. I’ve seen this long stringy poop hanging under the tail end of a fish. The consistency is stringy and unnatural or clear. What turns my guppies poop transparent?

This Is because there is most likely a parasite present inside your guppy fish. Seek medical treatment and begin by isolating this fish while you test water parameters. Treat the affected fish or the entire tank if the water chemistry is off.


It is good enough that the symptom of white poop is easily noticeable. If the white poop is not as a result of ageing, then it is as a result of internal parasite or bacteria which could be internal or external. The treatment is quite easy and there is usually no reason to panic.


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