Why Does My Guppy Keep Hiding?

Many people that keep guppies as a pet usually expect it to play around in the aquarium but often get surprised when they see them hiding.  Some guppies can be found hiding under the pebbles in the aquarium, some hide in the corner of the tank, while some are seen to hide at the top of the tank. Although it doesn’t matter where they are hiding, the big question is why they are hiding.

Your guppies might keep hiding due to a lot of reasons and factors. The major reasons why your guppy keep hiding might be because of stress,  sickness, hiding from aggressive tank mates, presence of ammonia in the tank. Other conditions such as unfavourable temperature, female guppy in labour or environmental adaptation of the new guppy to its aquarium can be a factor.

Guppy Keep Hiding

Male Guppies Hiding

Male guppies are sometimes seen to hide in various parts of the tank-like under pebbles, at the corner, as well as the top of the aquarium tank. They tend to hide due to a lot of reasons, particularly if they feel threatened or bullied.

One of the major reasons why guppy can feel threatened or bullied is the presence of more aggressive species in the aquarium tank. Guppies are peaceful species, and only find it easy to get along with a wide range of species except for the aggressive species.

Similarly, male guppies are seen to hide as a result of stress, sickness, as well as poor water conditions. These factors can affect and limit the activeness of guppies, making them picking a suitable spot for them to hide until all these factors and conditions are favourable. Also, until they recover from the stress or sickness.

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Female Guppies Hiding

Female guppies can also hide as a result of the factors that make male guppies hide as stated above. However, female guppies can have other special reason for hiding. So, if you see a female guppy hiding, you might need to pay special attention.

One of the major factors that can make female guppies hide is improper male to female ratio. Male guppies are aggressive when it comes to mating. They mate at any chance they get.  The male guppies particularly chase down female guppies to mate. The female guppies can grow stressed as a result and try to hide from the males.

Likewise, female guppies can also hide in the corner of a tank or hide between plants if they are pregnant or in labour and ready to give birth to its fry. Although hiding alone is not enough reason to conclude that your female guppy is pregnant or in labour. It might be a huge indication.


Aside from the female guppies that hide as a result of pregnancy or in the process of giving birth to fry, guppy hiding with be an indication that something is wrong.

You might need to pay attention to the health of the guppy, environmental conditions. Also, behavioural pattern and aggressiveness of other members of the aquarium if your guppy keeps hiding.