Why Do Guppy Fish Jump Out Of Aquariums?

Guppies are one of the least aggressive species of aquarium fish. They are generally peaceful and do not even like troublesome tank mates. However, most expert aquarium owners are aware that guppies are excellent jumpers. They are capable of jumping eight times their body length.

Guppies jump so high even out of their tank. Guppies jump out of their aquarium for many reasons. These reasons include avoiding an obstacle in their migration route, to catch nonaquatic prey like an insect, and to escape from predators. Some aquarium experts also argue that guppies can jump out of tank due to stress, small space, and unfavourable water condition.

Why Do Guppy Fish Jump Out Of Aquariums

We can say a guppy jumping is a survival strategy. We can consider this valid because guppies jump to get food, escape from predators, escape from small space, and also escape from unfavourable water conditions. This all narrows down to how high guppies can jump.

How High Can Guppies Jump?

Guppies are excellent jumpers. A lot of aquarium experts have observed them before passing this verdict. Daphne De Freitas Soares is a biologist that significantly studied the jumping techniques in guppies.

He was able to observe them with the help of a high-speed secret camera. The camera was able to capture their jumps and estimate how high they can jump. Guppies can jump as high as 20-40cm [8-15 inches], which is approximately 7-8 times their length.

Soares was also able to explain the technique guppies used in jumping. He observed that guppies prepare for their jump by swimming backwards at high speed. After moving back, they change direction and hurl themselves into the air.

With the help of the camera, Soares was also able to estimate the jump speed of guppies. Guppies are capable of jumping at a rate of four feet per second. This jump speed is why they needed a high-speed camera to capture them.

How To Prevent Guppies From Jumping Out Of The Aquarium

There are multiple reasons why guppies jump out of the aquarium. But whatever the reason is, it is detrimental to your fish for them to jump out of their tank. You should even observe if your fish are too eager to jump out of their aquariums and prevent it before it happens.

When guppies jump out of the tank, they can find themselves in places like under the cushion where they can barely survive. Some aquarium owners report not observing their guppies when they are out of the tank. Some even reported finding them in unsuspecting places after they have died.

You can prevent your guppies from jumping out of their tank is by getting lid for your aquarium. This is quite easy and simple. Likewise, you should ensure that there is proper space in your container, and the conditions are kept at an optimal level.


Even though guppies jumping sound weird, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Soares, using a high-speed camera has helped us understood a lot of things about the jumping techniques of guppies. Guppies finding their way out of aquarium are not in any way to their advantage, so you should prevent it from happening.


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