Why Do Guppies Spit Out Food?

Almost all guppy species have pharyngeal teeth, which are placed along their throat. Though there are teeth at the lower jaw but the upper jaw is flat without teeth while the lower jaw teeth are weak like the milk teeth in babies.

Guppies teeth can only squash foods instead of crushing it, and this is one of the reasons they spit out food because they can’t crush food. Though this kind of cavity can be found among guppies, goldfish, Oscars, loaches but it is not a norm among fish.

You must be wondering how guppies feed since they have a flat upper jaw. Whenever guppy tries to eat feeds like flakes, they find it difficult to swallow or chew.

This is why they spit their food, they pick it back to chew but as soon as the food gets to their pharyngeal teeth along their throat, they swallow or spit it back if they fail to spit it out and force to swallow it when it is not properly chewed then they might be choked then died.

Oscars and guppies are leading among fish that spits out their food, below are other reasons it happens.

i) However, they pick up food thinking is their favorite, but they spit it out as soon as they discover it is not for them.

ii) Another reason is if the size of the feed is too big for their throat, you will see them spit out the feed in this situation. Though they will later try to split it, suck and take a bite.

iii) Experienced growers must have witnessed a scenario where the feed is small, but guppies still spit it out; this happens if the feed is not properly placed on their pharyngeal teeth.

iv) Moreover, sick guppies spit out their food, but you will not discover this until you closely watch, especially if they are plenty of them in the aquarium.

v) Injury around the mouth impedes guppies, especially during feeding. Fight between guppies in the aquarium can cause injury to their mouth, this can affect the way they eat.


How To Reduce the rate guppies spit food

It is imperative to reduce the rate at which guppies spit feed if you want to grow big and stay healthy. Choosing the right feed still the best tip. Experience shows they rarely spit feed rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. An excellent addition is omega-3, ensure you check the label if it is present before you buy feeds as they give energy to fish even if they swallow one and spit others.



it is essential to isolate fries from adult guppies. Stocking them in the same aquarium means the fries will hardly have food to pick.

On the other way round, fries rarely spit out food because they are empty and are ready to eat anything available. Adult guppies are the ones that are selective and concern about the color, size, or taste of food before they swallow.

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