What Is a Dragon Guppy? {Follow This Advice}

I recently found these colorful fish at my local fish shop. What is a Dragon Guppy?

I never knew there were dragon versions of this popular species of fish. What makes them receive the name, “dragon”?

In this article, you will find out what we learned about, “What is a dragon guppy?”

What Is a Dragon Guppy?

Dragon guppy (Poecilia reticulata) is famous due to its variety of colors; it has shades of:

  • yellow
  • violet
  • blue
  • red
  • orange

Both males and females are colorful. Dragon guppies love to eat around the mid and bottom level but love to live at the upper water level. They are called ‘dragons’ because they are fearless and are always eager to jump out of their aquarium.

What Is a Dragon Guppy

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Dragon Guppy Size

Dragon guppies are mostly within 1- 1.5 inches in size while there are few dragons bigger than 2.5cm but not more than 6.3cm. Female dragons are most times bigger than their male counterparts.

Dragon Guppy Water Parameters

  • They thrive in an aquarium with at least 10 gallons of water
  • dragon guppy survives in water temperature within 64° – 82° F (18° – 27.7° C)
  • PH of 5.5 – 8.0.

They are swiftly swimmer, the species of guppy are very active in the aquarium and chase each other all day. You can prevent the strong dragon fish from harassing the weak ones by providing enough hiding space.

Three dragon guppies are recommended for a ten-gallon tank, though six to ten dragon fish can be kept in a twenty-gallon size tank.

Red Dragon Guppy

There is a popular dragon guppy species called the red dragon guppy. Just as its name implies, it has a reddish tail, sliver colored fins, and the other part of the body is usually black. Male red dragon guppy is usually colorful but smaller in size compared to its female counterpart, which is not as colorful as the males.

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How Long Do Dragon Guppies Live?

Once a dragon guppy is within sixty to ninety days old, they are matured to give birth to at least twenty guppies, and they continue to deliver baby dragons every 30 days.

It will also interest you to know that they can live for at least two years, and they can conceive through sperm that is already stored in their body, just like other guppies.

Dragon Guppy Advice

It would be best if you cover the tank/aquarium you are stocking them or lowered the tank water level so that they will not be able to jump out.

It is not advisable to keep dragon guppies with shrimp. One of their favorite food is shrimp, and they are best kept in small numbers, so they don’t prey on the weak ones.

Dragon guppy loves to feed on meaty feeds like:

  • shrimp
  • pellets
  • flaked food
  • dried tubifex
  • bloodworms

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Do Dragon Guppies Come From?

Dragonfish love to stay in warm water freshwater. This is why they are not found everywhere in the world. They are widespread in South America, where they help to control the population of mosquito.

2. Which Fish Can I Keep With Dragon Guppies?

They can also be kept with:

  • Platies
  • Corydoras
  • Tetras
  • Gouramis 

Keep them away from barbs and aggressive tetras.

3. What Do I Need To Care For Dragon Guppies?

You will need a heater if you want to keep this species in an aquarium. If you are planning to keep dragon guppy, ensure you have a lid (cover) on the tank because they love to jump, and they love to eat lettuce, shrimp, peas, any food that is meaty or high in protein.


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