What Do Guppies Eat In The Wild? {This May Surprise You}

Guppies are found to live wild in many parts of the world and  can also be found in abundance in Venezuela, Brazil, Tobago and the Virgin Islands.

What do guppies eat in the wild? Are there any foods below that surprise you?

In this article, you may find some new delectable treats to serve your guppies based on what guppies eat in the wild.

What Do Guppies Eat In The Wild?

The food guppies eat in the wild include:

  • aquatic insects
  • larvae
  • diatoms
  • brine shrimp
  • soft algae
  • plant remains
  • zooplanktons
  • small bugs
  • detritus
  • some specific vegetables

In the wild, guppies have access to a lot of food that are both plant-based and animal-based.

What Do Guppies Eat In The Wild

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How Often Do Guppies Feed?

There is a slight difference in the way baby guppies and adult guppies should be fed. Guppies fry might need to be fed more often than adult guppies because of their active growth.

Although adult guppies might eat as much as you feed them, but they generally don’t need it.

  1. Overfeeding guppies can have a negative effect on both their health and the cleanliness of the tank.
  2. Feeding adult guppies should be limited to 1-2 times a day.
  3. Guppies fry can be fed more often, about 3-5 times a day until they are fully matured.
  4. It is also important to feed guppies with the food they can consume in about 5 minutes or less.
  5. Avoid pouring too much food in the tank at the same time and remove leftover immediately.

Leaving unconsumed food in the tank can contaminate and dirty the tank. The organic matters in the food can even allow the growth of certain bacteria.

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Can Guppies Survive Without Food?

All living things require food and oxygen to survive. Even though guppies are no exception to this, but it will surprise you to know:

  • Adult guppies can survive up to 10-14 days without food.

They often live this long in a well cycled, aerated, perfectly conditioned tank with natural plants. However, guppy fry cannot go this long without food.

This is because guppy fry are actively growing and they rapidly undergo metabolism.  Always remember that guppy fry require frequent and quality feeding to help them grow healthy and strong.

What Can I Feed Wild Guppies?

Try feeding wild guppies soft algae. You can explore many tiny aquatic animals including zooplankton or brine shrimp. Guppies are opportunistic feeders and will try almost anything you give them. Try the following

  • Plant based foods
  • Small insects
  • Diatoms
  • Zooplankton
  • Algae tabs
  • Spirulina

Your guppies are ferocious eaters for their size. If you brought them in from the wild, they may eat even more aggressively than those bred in captivity.

Guppies can also feed on food particles leftover by larger fish. It is a general belief that guppies often have access to wider varieties of food in the wild than when kept in tanks.


Guppies are abundant in the wild particularly in some regions in South America. They live in the wild where they have access to a wide range of natural food.

They eat a variety of food including live, vegetable, meaty, and organic foods. Guppy fry are also generally known to require more frequent feeding than adult guppies because of their active growth.


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