What Do Baby Guppies Eat?

Guppies are livebearers that give birth to young ones alive.  Baby guppies are popularly referred to as guppy fry and they are usually small in length [about 0.25 inches] at birth. They are usually preyed on by bigger fishes because of their small size. Guppy fry can however grow fast and gain more size if they are well fed.

What Do Baby Guppies Eat? Even though guppy fry can feed on the same food as the adult guppy, some specific food can help them grow healthy and colourful. Feeding your guppy fry with live food is the best. The suitable live foods include baby brine shrimp, daphnia, as well as vinegar eels and plants.

In case there is an insufficient supply of live foods, you can also try frozen, the yolk of hard-boiled egg and flake foods. Just make sure you crush them properly so that it can fit their mouth.

What Do Baby Guppies Eat

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How Often Do You Need To Feed Your Baby Guppies

Baby guppies are easy to care for but require a regular feeding schedule to be healthy. You can simply work adult guppies into morning and evening routine, but guppy fry needs several feedings throughout the day. Guppy fry requires feeding up to 5-8 times a day. This is because they have high metabolism because of their constantly growing body.

Also, they require such frequent feeding because the little guppies cannot eat much at a go. Therefore you need to split the food and serve them in a size that they can easily consume. Inadequate feeding can stunt the growth of baby guppies, and feeding them too much at once will leave many uneaten foods that can foul the tank.

Tank maintenance for guppy fry

If you are keeping your adult guppy in the same tank with baby guppies, you might not have to worry much about special water maintenance. This is because if the adults are happy under the water conditions, the guppy fry will also thrive and live fine.

However, you might need to pay special attention to water parameters if you keep your baby guppy in a different tank. You might need to modify the water parameters a little bit to accelerate the healthy growth of guppy fry.

You should start by keeping the water temperature in a region of 80oF. Although it is not very necessary, warm temperatures can accelerate the fast growth of guppy fry. You should also make partial water changes in their tank as often as possible. A 50% water change every two weeks should be sufficient for their smooth survival.

Likewise, you should keep the light of their light on for at least 12-16 hours a day. This light can help prevent deformities in the spine of the baby guppies. 6-8 hours of darkness is also important for them to rest. Aside from these, you can maintain other water parameters that are suitable for adult guppies.


The first few weeks of guppy’s life play a very significant role in their development and entire life processes. What you feed them can go a long way in determining how long they will live, how healthy and colourful they will be.  With suitable water and environmental parameters, you can be sure that a variety of quality and suitable food will help you raise healthy and beautiful guppies.


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