What Are The Difference Between Mosquito Fish and Guppies

These two creatures belong to Poecilia genus. Other fish in this genu are swordtails, platyfish, mollies, and the likes. It will interest you to know that they both live in freshwater, they are livebearers which give birth to their offspring alive, but they prey on the fries if food is not available when they are done giving birth.

What Are The Difference Between Mosquito Fish and Guppies? Males of mosquitofish and guppy have anal fins which are designed as reproductive organ during, their females also develop gravid spot beneath their bellies when it is time to deliver fries. 

Difference Between Mosquito Fish and Guppies

Morphology of Guppy

The males usually grow within 1 1/4 inches in length while the females are always bigger and grow within 2 1/4 in length. Almost all guppies possess relatively big eyes with varieties of color on their skin depending on the species, but wild guppies have a blackish spot around their body with touches of green, blue, and red on their sides.

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Morphology of Mosquitofish

Both males and females grow within 1 1/2 in length, they have distinctive colors like faded yellow beneath their body while the scales are all shade of black, but their males are more robust. However, the females are bigger in size and possess blue lining by their sides. Mosquito fish also has a pale black line around their caudal and dorsal fin.

Traditional Habitat of Guppies

Guppies are dominant in Trinidad, Barbados, and countries around South America where they are not widely kept as a pet. Still, they mostly live in free-flowing waters, they love to live in freshwater, and they can’t be found in saline (salty) water.

Traditional Habitat of Mosquitofish

This fish is almost in every freshwater (ditches, streams, lakes, ponds) in central Mexico, Illinois Mississippi river basin to be precise and New Jersey though they are mostly found in slow-moving waters.

What Guppies Need When Kept In An Aquarium

They want varieties of food like flakes, hard freshwater is their favorite, meaning there will be large deposit of minerals in the aquarium due to the hard water and they love to stay in water that has a neutral PH within 7 to 8 while any tank you keep them should have temperature within 68 and 75 Fahrenheit.

What Mosquito Fish Need When Kept In An Aquarium

You might be wondering why this fish is called mosquito fish, they are known to help control the population of a mosquito because they prey on mosquito larvae. They live in almost any kind of PH, and they prefer room temperature though wild mosquito larvae can survive freezing point of about 37 F to 90 F. It will amaze you to know that they can eat food as plenty as their body weight daily, they are a voracious eater.


Social Life Differences

Mosquito fish are easily angry and find it difficult to live with other fish such as koi, it is advisable to only keep them with their own species.