Top 10 Aquarium Plants For Guppies

Guppies are one of the most lenient aquarium fish when it comes to environmental demands. They adapt in varying environmental conditions but they perform best when certain things like plants are present in their environment.

So, what are the top 10 plants for guppies? Guppies might not be very selective in the choice of plants they love to have in their environment, but they certainly prefer some more than the others. The top 10 aquarium plants for guppies are; Java moss, Amazon sword, Java fern, Hornwort, Moneywort, chain sword, Anubias Barteri, Amazon Frogbit, African fern, and Anacharis.

Aquarium Plants For Guppies

Most fish love plant to be present in their environments, particularly in aquariums. Aside from the fact that the presence of plant help them simulate their natural environment, it can also make them feel comfortable and thrive better. Guppies are one of the biggest plant lovers, and the presence of plants in their environment makes them happy and healthy.

Guppies love green plants that can provide a hiding place for them. This is because guppies are skittish and are easily frightened. The presence of the above plants can make the guppies happier in the aquarium.

What Kind Of Plants Do Guppies Like?

Guppies are peaceful fish, hence they love plants that can complement their peaceful life. Guppies like plants that allows them to swim underwater, and also provide shelter for them. Likewise, they like plants that can provide cover for them because they are easily frightened and are susceptible to aggressive tank mates. They also like both floating plants, and plants that are close to the bottom of the tank as both serve different purposes for them.

Guppies also show a preference for plants that they can nibble on and plants that can hold their eggs as well. Guppies also prefer live plants to plastic plants in an aquarium. This is because plastic plants don’t filter water and the guppies cannot eat them.

So, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 plants for guppies in an aquarium.

  1. Java Moss: Guppies love to have the simple freshwater type of java moss in their environment. This plant can easily fit into the aquarium because of its size and it can easily anchor to the bottom of the aquarium. Its long stringy leaves make it a perfect hiding place for guppies. The presence of java moss in an aquarium can also be of more advantage because it serves as a natural filter, and it can be grown without CO2 or fertilizer.
  2. Hornwort: Hornwort is a moss-like plant that is suitable and cool for guppy tanks. Hornwort is suitable for guppy tanks because of it is a leafy and moss-like plant. The leaves provide a good hiding place for guppies and also provide them with a nice green view. Hornwort can be easily grown, and it also serves as a good water filter.
  3. Java Fern: Java Fern has its origin from the Philippines. It is a very clean plant that appears like a hybrid of java moss and Amazon sword. The shape of Java fern provides a perfect hiding place for guppies and allows them to swim under. The java fern is easily anchored at the bottom of the aquarium. They also help filter the aquarium water.
  4. Amazon Sword: Amazon sword as the name implies, is a beautiful plant from amazon. It is the most recommended choice for beginners because it can thrive in varying environmental conditions. The long, wide and flowering leaves of the plants provide a good hiding place for guppies. They also appear to have lots of fun while swimming around this plant. Another unique thing about the plant is that 3 different species of Amazon Swords can fit for aquarium perfectly.
  5. Chain Sword: Chain Sword is one of the easiest plants that you can add to your aquarium for guppies. It can cope with fairly low lighting and with minimal CO2. Likewise, it does not require much plant care, making it suitable for beginners. These plants have tall and wide leaves that provide an ideal hiding place for guppies.
  6. Anubias Barteri: Anubias Barteri is an ideal plant for fairly shallow and small aquariums. It has wide and broad leaves, but its overall growth fits into aquariums.  The nature of this leaves makes it ideal for guppies to hide under. Not just that, Anubias Barteri can create beneficial biofilms, and can also help water filtration of the tank as well.
  7. Moneywort: Moneywort is a plant that is more ideal for larger aquariums because of its size. The plants have nice views because of its long thing flower-like stems, as well as rounded, flat and short leaves. Aside from the nice views that it provides, Moneywort can also provide a hiding place for guppies, produce beneficial biofilms, and helps to filter out water.
  8. Amazon Frogbit: Amazon Frogbit is unique because it floats on top of the water and does not require any substrate. It has wide rounded leaves that provide shades for guppies while also providing a hiding place for them. This plant does not need any special care except for occasional trimming because of its rapid growth.
  9. Anacharis: Anacharis is one of the plants that does not require any special condition. It is more suitable for larger aquarium because of its size and rapid growth. It keeps guppies at all times because of the nature of its leaves. This plant has long stems with smaller leaves, making it easy for guppies to swim and play around it.
  10. African Fern: African fern is a very beautiful plant that is suitable for guppies. It has a broad wide and pointed leaves that provide a good hiding place for guppies. However, African fern needs to keep under certain conditions like a good level of CO2, good nutrient, and good lighting conditions for it to grow healthy and maintain a good growth cycle.


Guppies love plants in their environment. Aside from the fact that it helps stimulate their natural environment, it also provides them with good hiding place to get away from the disturbing tank mate.

Nevertheless, having just any plant in your aquarium is not enough, it is important to choose suitable plants for your guppies. When it comes to the best aquarium plants for guppies, the above plants are top choices to consider. Always bear it in mind that guppies prefer green plants that give them beautiful views, provide shades, and also provide them with an ideal hiding place.

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