Most Expensive Guppy Fish In the World

The most expensive guppy fish in the world is the purple Moscow guppies, which are rear to find in the aquarium due to the amount they cost depending on the type of strain it is.

This guppy species is not handy like other fancy guppies, and only experience aquarists should buy this kind of fish because they are expensive to maintain. This article is created to explain everything you need to know about the world most expensive guppy fish.

Most Expensive Guppy Fish In the World


Purple Moscow guppy was first developed in the ’80s, it is a particular strain that was formed by selective breeding by Russian aquarists. This guppy is distinct because it is bigger in size, their males especially are colorful with metallic shining sheen.

You probably have not seen guppy with the longest caudal, anal and dorsal fin if you haven’t seen purple Moscow guppy because some of the fins are longer than their entire body in terms of length, these rare creatures comes with different colors like purple, black, blue and green and you may see all these colors on one purple Moscow guppy.


They have the same feeding pattern like other guppies, they are omnivores which can eat almost anything you provide, but it is advisable to avoid commercial feeds and allow them to eat labeled feed (vegetable pellets, spirulina, frozen food/flakes) or live food (vinegar eels, daphnia, brine shrimp) because it makes them bigger and more beautiful. But if they lack fat, then you need to add blood/micro worms to their meals because they are a great source of protein and fat, especially for purple Moscow guppy fry.

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Male and Female Breeding

Male purple Moscow is active breeder, chase female around the aquarium like other species of guppy though they are smaller in size than their female counterpart. Having many males in the tank is always strenuous for the females; this is why one male to three female ratios is recommended. If you did not follow the ratio, the female would be stressed, and it will be hard to control the population after some months.

The Size

However, though this is not a statement of fact but the reason why this guppy is more expensive than the other might be because of the size. However, sellers usually say they are expensive because they are hard to find, and it take a lot to rear them; they have a fragile body. They are bigger than other species of guppy; adult purple Moscow can reach 5cm or 2 inches while the females are bigger and can grow to 7cm (2.5 – 2.7 inches) in size.

Water Parameters

These creatures are fragile. If you want to breed purple Moscow for commercial purple, then you will need to adhere to the following parameters

  • 0 ppm should be the nitrates, ammonia and nitrites level
  • 10 dGH should be the level of water hardness, and it should not go beyond this.
  • 7.5 is ideal for the aquarium water PH
  • The appropriate water temperature is best when at 23 °C (74 °F)

In conclusion, it will shock you that they don’t also live more than two years just like other guppy species, though stress, water parameters, the type of food you give them, temperature and other factors determine how long they live. When the conditions are right from fry to adult stage, they can live beyond two years.


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