Most Expensive Guppy Fish In the World

Why is this fish so expensive? The most expensive guppy fish in the world may come as a surprise to you.

What makes a guppy like this so special and how do you care for them?

In this article, I will explain the reasons why and give you a care guide along with other prices and details on other guppies.

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Most Expensive Guppy Fish In the World

The most expensive guppy fish in the world is the purple Moscow guppy. Scarcity in limited quantities available for sale makes this type of guppy fish so rare and hard to find.

The cost may also put you off and makes them unattainable for most of us in the aquarist community. Find out why and see more of the expensive guppies around the world in this article today.

purple Moscow guppies

Purple Moscow Guppy Care

If you are lucky enough to own a Purple Moscow Guppy you will want to know how to look after them. This guppy species is not hardy like other fancy guppies, and only experienced aquarists should buy this kind of fish because they are expensive to maintain.

1. Origins

Purple Moscow guppy was first developed in the ’80s, it is a particular strain that was formed by selective breeding by Russian aquarists.

This guppy is distinct because:

  • it is bigger in size
  • it has a metallic shining sheen (males only)

2. Features

You probably have not seen guppy with the longest caudal, anal and dorsal fin if you haven’t seen purple Moscow guppy.  The fins are longer than their entire body in terms of length.

These rare creatures come with different colors like:

  • purple
  • black
  • blue
  • green 

You may see all these colors on one purple Moscow guppy.

3. Feeding

They have the same feeding pattern like other guppies. They are omnivores which can eat almost anything you provide, but it is advisable to avoid commercial feeds and allow them to eat:

Labeled feed options:

  • vegetable pellets
  • spirulina
  • frozen food/flakes

Live Food Options:

  • vinegar eels
  • daphnia
  • brine shrimp

These choices will make your Purple Moscow Guppy  bigger and more beautiful. If they are lacking fat, add bloodworms. This is especially the case for undernourished Moscow Guppy fry.

4. Breeding

Male purple Moscow is an active breeder. He chases females around the aquarium like other species of guppies though he is smaller in size than his female counterpart.

  • A 1:3 male to female ratio is recommended.

Having many males in the tank is always strenuous for the females. If you did not follow the ratio, the female would be stressed, and it will be hard to control the population after some months.

5. Size

The reason why this guppy is more expensive than others might be because of their size. However, sellers usually say they are expensive because they:

  • are hard to find
  • it take a lot to rear them
  • they have a fragile body
  • they are bigger than other species of guppy

Adult purple Moscow can reach 5cm or 2 inches while the females are bigger and can grow to 7cm (2.5 – 2.7 inches) in size.

6. Water Parameters

These guppies are fragile. If you want to breed purple Moscow,  you will need to adhere to the following parameters:

  • 0 ppm nitrates, ammonia and nitrites 
  • 10 dGH water hardness
  • 7.5 PH
  • 23 °C (74 °F) temperature

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Other Expensive Guppy Breeds

The most expensive guppy breeds are:

1 – Purple Moscow Guppies

There are some rare strains of Purple Moscow guppies which will be really hard to find.  You can expect to pay $40 – 100 USD per fish if they are a rare strain. For a non rare strains these will cost around $30 USD.

The colour of these guppies are completely different from your common guppies which is the main reason for the high price.

Purple Moscow Guppies

2 – Fancy Guppies

Some strains of fancy guppies like the multi delta are in high demand and because of this you can expect to pay anything from $25 to 50 USD per fish.

The fancy guppies are my favourite type of guppy because of the wide variety of colours from guppy to guppy.

fancy guppy

3 – Electric Blue Guppy

The price for an electric blue guppy starts at $15 USD and usually does not go above $25 USD.  There are fewer strains of this type of guppy so the price range will not vary as much as other guppies due to this.

Electric Blue Guppy

4 – Dragon Guppy

The price you can expect to pay for a dragon guppy is around $10 USD.  This type of guppy is easily to locate which makes purchasing one much easier and drives the price down as a result.

Many people breed these fish as they are very popular with fish keepers.

dragon guppies

5 – Mutt Guppy

Mutt guppies will cost around $5 – 10 USD.  These guppies are hardy fish and also good breeders which make them a great choice for first time fish keepers.

mutt guppy

Cost Of Guppy Breeds

Since writing this post I have had many emails asking me about prices of other guppies so I thought I would write about them here.

Albino Red Guppy

You can expect to pay around $15 USD for a albino red guppy and up to $40 USD for a breeding pair.  These guppies are in demand because of their nice red/orange colour.

Panda Guppy

A panda guppy will cost you around $5 to 7.5 USD.  This guppy strain is quite common and can be easily purchased which helps in keeping the price down for this fish.

I have owned panda guppies in the past and I highly recommend these fish.


It will shock you that Purple Moscow Guppies don’t live more than two years just like other guppy species. Determining how long they live will depend mostly on:

  • stress
  • water parameters
  • the type of food you give them
  • temperature
  • tankmates

When the conditions are right from fry to adult stage, they can live beyond two years.

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