How To Make Homemade Guppy Food

It is a popular opinion that feeding guppies with commercially made flake food is more convenient than homemade food. However, it is also important to know that homemade food can be more nutritious and cheaper. Likewise, homemade food can reduce the amount of processed food consumed by your guppies. Making homemade food for your guppies might be better because you know what your guppies prefer. You however need a guide to help you prepare the best homemade food for your guppies.

How To Make Homemade Guppy Food? To make food for guppies cut the vegetables and either cook or steam them. Mix the vegetables with garlic and seafood until it becomes mushy before adding the vitamins. Add the gelatin mix slowly after adding gelatin to boiling water in the required amount.

Homemade Guppy Food

Types Of Homemade Food Recipes For Guppies

Standard Homemade Gelatin Fish Food: This is considered the easiest homemade food recipe. The ingredients include unsweetened gelatin, vegetables, seafood, garlic, and drops of fish vitamins.

Meaty Fish Food:  Meaty fish food is a full protein meal and it is an almost perfect food for the majority of fish species.  The ingredients include vegetables of your choice, unflavored gelatin, beef heart, white fish, and shrimp.

To prepare, cook the vegetables and blend the beef heart with white fish and shrimp. Mix the gelatin with hot water in a different bowl according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Mix all the ingredients and let it gel.

High Protein Fish Food: This type of homemade recipe is unique and suitable if you want a more specific recipe. Most of the ingredients are specific and measured. The ingredients include 200g of salmon, 1000g of raw shrimp, 500g frozen peas, 300g of carrots, 500g of spinach, 2 cloves of garlic and gelatin.

Cut the ingredients into pieces and blend them. Mix the gelatin in a different bowl with about 2L of hot water before adding the rest of the ingredients. Allow the mixture to cook on a low heat for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can pour the mixture into a small tray and use it when needed.

Benefits Of Homemade Guppy Diet

Guppies eat a variety of diets because they are omnivorous. They also prefer a varied diet to ensure that they get plenty of nutrients to support their health and proper growth. These homemade diets allow you to create a varying diet that suits the nutritional requirements of your guppies.

Although processed guppy foods provide protein and plants matter, they do not create the needed variety for your guppies. Likewise, homemade food provides your guppies with fresh vegetables that can provide your guppy with some essential vitamins.

You can provide the necessary supplement for your guppies by feeding them with homemade food. Overall, a homemade diet can improve the general health conditions of your guppies and seldom cause clouds in the tank.


Although there is a valid argument that packaged guppy food is easier and less stressful. However, homemade foods are cheaper and more nutritious. They also offer variety in the food options of guppies. Likewise, the vegetables used in these homemade foods can provide the guppies with needed vitamins.