How Do You Treat Guppy Dropsy

This post will teach you what to do if your fish is tested with dropsy, especially when it is detected early. Please note that fish that stay in freshwater are more susceptible to be infected by dropsy bacteria.

Most viruses or bacteria cannot thrive in a salty environment. Some of the fish that stays in freshwater are Guppies, Koi fish, Goldfish, Betta, Clownfish, Arowana, Cichlids, Black Mollies, Danois, Gourami fish and the likes.

How Do You Treat Guppy Dropsy

Signs That Show Your Fish Need Dropsy Treatment.

It is hard to be specific about the signs of dropsy because they exhibit the same symptoms as other ailments, but if you detect most of the signs below in your fish, then it is probably dropsy.

  • Extremely swollen navel and belly
  • Fish scales sticking out or pine coning of fish scales
  • unusual color around their gills
  • Eyes bulging
  • Extremely stringy feces
  • Pale and swollen anus
  • Bent spine
  • Sores around the body
  • Wrinkled fins
  • Loss of appetite
  • They become sluggish and lethargic.
  • Fish always at the surface of the water.


Be fast about diagnosing your fish as soon as you notice any of these. Pale color on the body, lethargic trait, loss of appetite usually come first, and later you will observe sores on the body, wrinkled fins, stringy feces if it is dropsy.

Besides, most people wait for the swollen belly, which is at the last before they take action, but by then its already too late, and the only solution might be flushing your beautiful fish.

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How Do You Treat Guppy Dropsy

Even if dropsy is discovered early, it is difficult to solve it. It is curable though not easy feat, but it has to be detected very early to be cured. The treatment also takes weeks, and this is one of the reasons even those that discover early give up on the fish and flush it. Here are the curable treatments you can introduce to any fish suffering from dropsy.

Immediately change the aquarium water by 30%: The aim of changing water is to flush out dropsy causing bacteria from the tanks, flushing them will reduce the numbers of bacteria in the aquarium. Other diseases causing agents like toxins and other harmful substances are also reduced when water is changed.

Change the media and sterilize the filter: Filters are as crucial as the aquarium water because they can house ammonia and all kinds of waste that can make your guppies susceptible to dropsy. You should do this occasionally, check your media and filters and clean them to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

Quarantine affected fish: All aquarium must have special tanks solely for treating ailing fish. In this case, quarantine is also the best option so that others will not be infected. Most dropsy symptoms are contagious, it is important to isolate affected fish immediately, so it does not wipe your pets.


If you discover early, there are antibiotics that kill dropsy, causing bacteria, and it also builds their immune system against such an attack in the future. The antibiotics are to be taken daily for ten days, and you also need to start feeding your fish with high-quality feed, which can help them to build their immune system naturally.

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