Do Guppies Like Strong Current?

Guppies and other members of the aquarium often react to certain changes in the environment including water current. These environmental changes can be in favour of or against the members of the aquarium. Water movement plays an important role in aquarium fish health management, therefore it is important to be sure if the members of your aquarium like strong current or not.

Guppies do not like strong currents because of their long fins. These long fins give them the benefit of free motility in slow or not moving water. However, they do not like strong currents because they are significantly swept up in the current, making movement more difficult for them. You can easily know if they like the current by observing how happy your guppies appear.

Do Guppies Like Strong Current

Effect Of Strong Water Current On The Feeding Of Guppies

The strength of water current in aquarium affects guppies, particularly in their mode of feeding. In water with low current, guppies do not have to exert energy to chase through the food you provide.

While on the contrary, food provided on the surface of fast-moving current can be difficult for guppies to get, spending more energy on chasing the food about while also trying to withstand the current.

Similarly, more aggressive members of the aquarium usually benefit more from the nourishment compared to non-aggressive members like guppies. Although the less aggressive members can still get a small share of the food, you cannot guarantee that they are well fed.

The difficulty in struggling food with aggressive members combined with extra energy required for chase can result in malnutrition and depletion of comfortability.

Reduction in the water current can be in favour of your guppies especially when it’s feeding time. Likewise, it can also help you maintain good water distribution, as well as maintaining healthy sustenance for less aggressive members.

Adjusting The Strength Of Water Current In Aquarium

Adjusting the strength of the water current in your aquarium can be essential because water movement plays a very important role in aquarium fish health management.  It may affect the ability of guppies to swim comfortably because of the nature of their fins. They are found to be forcefully moved by the high water current.

If you are keeping guppies, it might be necessary for you to reduce the strength of the water current. The common method used in reducing this current is by adjusting the flow control of the filter’s intake. Adjusting this filter will decrease the amount of water flowing through and consequently reduce water current.

Similarly, as an alternative, you can add rocks or pebbles to your aquarium setting to allow guppies to find a quiet zone that best suits them and also reduce water current. You can also make use of DC water pumps that allows you to precisely regulate the strength of water current.


Guppies are peaceful members of the aquarium that also love a peaceful environment. They may find it hard to swim in aquariums with strong water currents. They usually prefer quiet zones where they can move and feed with ease.


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