Do Guppies Clean The Tank?

Guppies are one of the most colourful and attractive freshwater fish that are very suitable for aquariums. They are good pets both for beginners and aquarium experts because they are very easy to care for. They only require properly fitted aquariums with good water properties, proper feeding, careful handling, and they like their tanks to be very neat. It is now a thing of concern if guppies clean the tank.

Although guppies are capable of feeding on algae whose overgrowth indicates a neglected tank. They cannot solely do the overall cleaning of the tank. Overgrowth of algae in tanks might indicate a tank that is not properly taken care of. Guppies feed on these algae to reduce the dirt in the tank and make it a little clean. However, the entire responsibility of cleaning the tank cannot be left to guppies alone.

Do Guppies Clean The Tank

What do Guppies Need In Their Tank?

Guppies, unlike most other aquarium fishes, do not require very high maintenance. However, some basic things must be present in their tank to make them comfortable and flourish. Some equipment and factors are indispensable in raising a healthy guppy.

The first thing guppies need is suitable tank size. Guppies are capable of growing up to 1.5-2.5 inches and therefore need a tank that can accommodate their size as they grow. Likewise, you should provide a suitable amount of water in the thanks depending on the number of fishes and the size of the tank.

They also need suitable water conditions including temperature, pH, and provision for water filtration. Guppies thrive better in warmer water [72-82oF] because they are tropical fishes. You can provide this temperature with the help of a water heater. Water filtration is also important for keeping the water parameters at an optimal level.

Guppies also like light and either live plants or plant decorations to simulate their natural environment. Other parameters you might consider in guppy tank include gravel vacuum, air pump, quality fish food, breeding box, and so on.

How To Clean Guppy Tank

To ensure that your guppies remain healthy, it is very vital to ensure that you keep their tank clean. Maintaining a clean thank requires routine maintenance and cleaning. Water in the tank can become hazardous to guppies if not properly maintained.

While cleaning your guppy tank, you must ensure you regulate the nitrogen cycle, remove dissolved and solid organic waste, replenish essential water, and ensure you keep all the water parameters at an optimal level.

The first thing is to routinely carry out the partial replacement of tank water. This regular water changes can keep the nitrate level under check, and also eliminate dissolved waste.  If you have natural plants in your tank, they can also help to eliminate dissolved waste. In other cases, the provision of other filtration systems can help you get rid of dissolved and organic waste.

To replenish essential minerals, use a reverse osmosis process to remove impurities before adding the new mineral source. Too high or too low minerals can result in osmotic stress. You can also use manual processes to clean some of the interiors, and most importantly the exteriors of the tank.


Guppies are very fancy and can flourish well if kept in a clean tank with optimum water parameters. Although they keep the tank a little bit clean because they feed on algae, but the responsibility of keeping the tank clean does not solely depend on them. You can however, keep your guppy tank clean with a few simple but essential steps. Guppies generally don’t require high maintenance.



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