Do Goldfish and Guppies Get Along?

This topic is the question most beginners ask, and they want to know species that can live comfortably with guppies. Here is where you get precise information on guppies and other related fish. So do goldfish and guppies get along?

Yes goldfish and guppies do get along very well, they both have the same water requirements (Temperature, PH levels and so on) but be aware that large goldfish will eat the smaller guppy fish.

Do Goldfish and Guppies Get Along

However, there are always mix species in aquarium meant for sightseeing, and you can hardly see one species of guppy in a public place aquarium like schools, hotels, parks, and so on. Nothing comes without its challenge; stocking different species of fish in a tank breeds issues like fluctuating water parameters, among other challenges, this is part of the reasons why you need to choose your guppy tank-mate carefully.


Do Goldfish, and Guppies Get Along

The answer is an emphatic YES, goldfish and guppies get along though adult goldfish prey of guppy fry. Besides, both species are peaceful but

the aquarist needs to always watch them closely especially during the day when they are more active and make sure you ask questions to know the actual kind of goldfish to buy.

How To Protect Guppy Fry Amidst Goldfish

It is virtually impossible to keep guppies in an aquarium, and they won’t breed. They produce within 20 -120 fry in 30 days, while goldfish love to consume goldfish. You might be keeping strange bedfellows if you’re not knowledgeable about the species you are keeping, please don’t start so that you won’t lose your investment. It is wise to keep guppy fry away from goldfish, only keep adult guppy with their goldfish counterpart.

Adult guppy that is three months old should not be kept with goldfish because they are matured to start breeding at that age, and goldfish will prey on their fry if matured guppy are kept with them. Below are two major steps to take if you want to protect your fry.

You need have a breeding box, gently place your pregnant guppy in the box when her delivery date is close, then leave the fry in the breeding box while you take out the mother, you can put the breeding box in the same aquarium that is housing the goldfish and adult guppy.

The other remedy is to have a separate tank, and you will need to have another equipped aquarium where the pregnant guppy and potential guppies can be kept, though this will cost you more but you will need to go for this because it is safe for your fry if you don’t have access to a breeding box.

If you keep these species for sightseeing, you might not need the fry then you can worry less about this.


You need to keep your aquarium clean always because the combination of the two creatures produces more waste, regular changing of water and consistent maintenance of tanks is key if you want them to survive.

You also need a functional bio media filter to reduce the amount of ammonia and nitrates in the water. The major reason why a biofilter is essential is that it helps maintain the water quality even when changing of water is not carried out daily.