Do Dwarf Gouramis and Fancy Guppies Get Along? {Size, Feeding & Peaceful Tips}

There are many similarities between these two fish species, but do dwarf gouramis and fancy guppies get along?

Are dwarf gouramis are more aggressive?  Which species is is more hardy? Who will bully who?

In this article, we’ll explore the world of guppy and dwarf gourami neighbors and tankmates.

Do Dwarf Gouramis and Fancy Guppies Get Along?

Yes.  Dwarf Gouramis and guppies can comfortably live together, but be aware that some large Dwarf Gouramis might eat the smaller guppies in your tank.

If your gourami is being more aggressive, add more hiding spaces if you cannot increase the tank size. Make sure to also separate the fancy guppy fry is they are reproducing or else they will be eaten by a dwarf gourami.

Do Dwarf Gouramis and Fancy Guppies Get Along

Do Gourami Fish Eat Guppies?

Yes, but only sometimes.

  • Size matters to prevent gourami fish from eating guppies.
  • Living together peacefully means that you cannot have larger gouramis with smaller guppies in a tank at 10 gallons or smaller.
  • Add hiding spaces.
  • Separate the baby guppies and the fry.

Gourami fish will eat smaller guppies. Breeding guppies is a careful task that involves separating them from larger community fish like gouramis. Even a dwarf gourami can eat a baby guppy.

More often than not, this pairing of gourami and guppy works well as they are both relatively peaceful in tanks with enough space, clean water, set temperatures that for both of their required parameters and plenty of hiding spices with decoration or plants.

How Many Guppies and Dwarf Gouramis Can You Have in a 10-Gallon Tank?

Guppies thrive in at least ten-gallon size of water, the golden rule is one gallon of water must be provided for every one inch of fish, most adult guppy fish are within the size of 2 to 2.5 inches in length.

If this guideline is followed, your fish will have adequate space to swim in the aquarium, but 5 gallons is enough for two guppy fish, but the number of fish you want to keep will determine the size of your aquarium.

Are Dwarf Gouramis Bigger Than Fancy Guppies?

Yes. Dwarf gourami comes in bigger sizes compared to guppies depending on the species, they are within the range of 1.5 to 40 inches in length though dwarf gouramis of 1.5 inches can be kept in a nano tank of about 5 gallons.

But you need 30 to 40 gallons if you want to stock gourami of 40 inches. Hiding spaces is essential in a tank, make provision for live plants if you want to keep these two species in an aquarium.

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Gourami vs. Guppy Water Parameters

Both species live in freshwater. Follow these tips to help them get along better.

  1. Get rid of chlorine in the tank before stocking fish in the tank, but the water must be hard water.
  2. If you need to use tapwater it should be boiled to eradicate chlorine which is toxic to fish. ,
  3. Pour the water in a container without covering it then leave it in the open for at least six hours after which you’re free to pour it in your aquarium.
  • aquarium water temperature:  72-82 Fahrenheit or 22-28 degrees in Celsius.
  • PH between 6.8 to 7.8 is ideal for both Gouramis and Guppies living in the same aquarium
  • 8-12 dGH is the appropriate water hardness level for these species, while the ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite concentration should not exceed 0ppm.

Can I Feed Guppies and Gourami Fish The Same Food?

Yes. Both species have the same eating pattern, feed on almost the same meal, and it is easy to know when they are sick because they are usually social during feeding.

You can feed them with:

  • raw/flakes
  • vegetables
  • frozen foods
  • spirulina
  • any live foods meant for fish

Please note, the feeding time should not exceed 120 seconds so that overfeeding will not occur, and the water will not be messed up due to high number of leftovers.


Your Dwarf Gourami fish and fancy guppies will get along as a community when they occupy their own spaces and share the center of the tank for feedings.

They will not interfere with each other as long as stress is controlled with clean water and plenty of hiding spaces with planted areas.

Feed them together and watch them go back to their own spaces afterwards. Separate baby guppies and guppy fry to prevent dwarf gourami fish from eating them. Otherwise, you should be fine. Enjoy!


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