Can You Keep Guppies With Goldfish?

Guppies and goldfish are very very popular and peaceful fish. They are both freshwater aquarium fish species but also have the ability to thrive in varying environmental conditions.

Although are known to be peaceful, and both species having similar environmental demand, the big question remains; can guppies be kept together with goldfish?

Can You Keep Guppies With Goldfish?

Yes you can keep guppies and goldfish together, in fact they make great tank companions as they have similar environmental needs, But be aware that larger goldfish could eat small guppies.

Can You Keep Guppies With Goldfish

So you should choose a breed of goldfish that does not grow to large to minimise the risk of them eating small guppies.  Breeds of goldfish that are small are

  • Black Moor
  • Bubble Eye
  • Comet
  • Fantail

It is also recommended not to keep guppy fry in the same tank as goldfish (And even guppy adults) because they will get eaten.  You should move the guppy fry to another tank for around 6-8 weeks when they are large enough to not be eaten.

Food Requirements of Guppies and Goldfishes

Guppies and goldfish are known to have different nutritional requirements and dietary needs. Wild guppies mostly feed on the remains of algae, diatoms, mineral particles, aquatic insect larvae, and so on.  While the diet of Goldfish in the wild consists of insects, various plant matters, as well as crustaceans.

Foods that are specific for goldfish have less protein and more carbohydrate than other conventional fish food. If kept in an aquarium, the diet of goldfish can be supplemented with leafy vegetables, shelled peas and bloodworms.

Likewise, the preference of guppies’ diet can be directly linked with the surplus supply or abundance of a particular food particle.

This variation in nutritional demand is one of the reasons why keeping guppies and goldfish together in the same aquarium can be difficult. Similarly, goldfish are known to be extremely greedy eaters. Their size and preference for abundant food give them a competitive advantage over guppies.  There is no way you can guarantee that all the guppies in the tank will be well fed.

Guppies Environmental Needs

Guppies show a preference for hard water aquarium and an optimum temperature between 25.5 and 27.8oC.  Although their optimum salt demand is one tablespoon per 19 litre. They can still tolerate salinity up to 150% of normal seawater.

Although they sometimes exhibit nipping behaviour, guppies are still known to have peaceful behaviours. They have high propensity of breeding and are capable of breeding in both marine and freshwater aquaria.

Goldfish Environment Needs

Goldfish is known to be a cold-water fish and can live in an unheated aquarium.  High variation and rapid change in temperature can be detrimental to their survival. However, their optimum temperature is between 20-22oC.

Goldfish also reacts to light and darkness. If left in the dark for too long, they can gradually change colours until they are almost grey.  This is because they are capable of producing pigment in response to light.


It is not in your best interest to keep guppies and goldfish together in the same aquarium, especially if you are not an expert. This is because of their varying environmental demand, the ability of bigger goldfish to feed on smaller guppies and their fry, and so on.

Although, some people have found ways of keeping them together by taking a lot of precautions. Some of these steps are having a good filtration system, and regulating the environmental conditions which are not very easy.