Can You Keep Guppies and Danios Together In The Same Tank? {Watch Out For This}

Guppies and Danios alike are both freshwater fish. Can you keep guppies and danios together in the same tank?

While Danios is exclusive for its pattern of horizontal stripes, a row of spots, guppies are known for their bright multi-color facet.

Guppies and Danios need some care tips to live peacefully which I will explain in this article.

Can You Keep Guppies and Danios Together In The Same Tank?

Yes, you can keep Guppies and Danios together in the same tank. They are both peaceful fish and share similar water and environment conditions.

However, you might need to take some caution if you are interested in breeding their fry. Guppies have high reproductive prowess, and they can end up outgrowing Danios in the tank.

Danios, on the other hand, are not livebearers, they lay eggs instead, and they even feed on their eggs. Both guppies and Danios can feed on guppy fry.

Guppies and Danios Together In The Same Tank

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Do Danios Get Along with Guppies?

Danios and guppies are good together because they have a lot of things in common. They:

  • are tropical fish
  • don’t have any outrageous environmental demand
  • are fun and relaxing to watch.
  • have the same temperament.
  • can coexist without troubling each other.

All you need to do is add Danios in multiples because they feel protected when they have their members around.

Will Danios Eat Baby Guppies?

Yes. The major challenge with keeping guppies and Danios together is raising their fry. Guppies don’t protect their fry in any regard.

Danios scatter their eggs, and they even feed on them. Guppies, too, can feast on their fry even when they are well fed. Danios can also join guppies in feeding on their fry.

Protect guppy fry by separating them into a different tank. Similarly, you can also make use of breeding boxes or separation of eggs to protect both the eggs and fry of Danios.

Likewise, you can also protect Danio eggs and guppy fry by adding a lot of aquarium plants to the tank.

Can Guppies and Danios Mate?

No. Danios are egg layers, which means that when they are born, they emerge from eggs. Guppies are live bearers, which means that they give birth to live offspring.

These distinctions prevent these fish from mixing. Can you mix guppy with danios? I say yes because Zebra danios and guppies, both of which are around 2.5 inches long, will share the same swimming area.

The danios are the top swimmers, whereas guppies favor the mid-to-upper tank region.

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Can Zebra Danios Live With Guppies?

Yes. Aside from the fact that guppies and Danios are hardy and they can adapt to varying environmental conditions; they also don’t have any complicated ecological demands.

Guppies and Danios can cope with a wide temperature range of 55-85°F. Therefore, they do not necessarily need a tank heater.

They also prefer water in the neutral to alkaline zone, usually between the fields of 7-8 and maintain a kH between the ranges of 120-180ppm to stabilize the pH of the tank. Likewise, you should ensure that the nitrate level of the tank is kept at zero level.

Guppy And Danio Diet

Just like every other living thing, guppies and Danios alike require a quality diet to live a healthy life and for proper growth.

It is not just about the quantity of food you feed them with; you also need to supply them with a quality diet in the right proportion.

What you provide them with can go a long way in determining how well they will grow, their lifespan, as well as their overall health.

Why Guppies and Danios Can Live Together

One of the primary reasons why keeping Danios and guppies together in the same tank is easy is because they have a closely related nutritional requirement.

You don’t have to worry about creating different diet plans for the two species, except there is a great need for it.

Tropical flake food is one of the most suitable in a tank that contains both Danios and guppies. Other foods they like in common are:

  • blood worms
  • cucumbers
  • zucchini
  • lettuce
  • peas

You can also try out different vegetables like carrots and continue feeding it to them if you discover they like it. They can also feed on Daphnia and mosquito larvae.


Aquarium owners often like keeping different species of compatible fish in the same tank to spice up their aquariums.

Guppies and Danios are one of the most comfortable combinations because they can cohabit peacefully.

They also have a similar tank, environmental, water, and nutritional requirements. However, you might need to pay attention during the breeding season if you intend to keep the fry.

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