Can You Keep Guppies And Angelfish Together?

Guppies and Angelfish are two of the most popular species of aquarium fish that you can buy. Both of them can bring any aquarium to life with their beautiful colorings and active natures. But can you keep guppies and angelfish together?

Guppies And Angelfish Together

Can You Keep Guppies And Angelfish Together? Yes, Guppies are good tank mates with angelfish.  It is recommended to add the angel fish to the tank when they are young and small, this way they will not see the guppies as food.

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Behaviour of Guppies

Often referred to as community fish, Guppies are one of the easier fish species to keep in your aquarium. They are small in size, usually ranging from 0.5-1.4 inches in males and 1.1-2.4 inches in females.

On average, they live around 1.5-2 years, but if they are in the right tank conditions, they can live for 3+ years. Typically very colorful and active fish are fantastic for beginner tank keepers and won’t require a lot of specialist care.

They are particularly good tank mates as they are very peaceful and will not show aggression to any of the other fish species. The only aggression they tend to show is towards their own young as they can often eat their offspring.

The main problem with Guppies is how vulnerable they are to the attacks of other fish species, particularly the bigger and more aggressive ones. It is for this reason than it is usually advised to keep Guppies with other small species of fish.

Can You Keep Guppies and Angelfish Together?

Behaviour of Angelfish

Angelfish are not exactly considered to be community fish. They are one of the more aggressive species of tank fish. They can often cause problems for smaller fish species, such as Guppies.

Although they are beautiful and colorful fish, they can create many problems for tank owners. Angelfish should be carefully monitored when selected to coexist with other species.

They can get quite big, up to around 6 inches in length, which is much bigger than the Guppies. They are predatorial fish and can live for about 10-15 years in most cases, so it is important to keep them in the right tank environments.

Angelfish often display territorial behavior and can fight amongst each other and with other fish. For best results, it is advised to keep them with other medium-large sized fish and to have at least a 50-gallon fish tank.

Can You Keep Guppies and Angelfish Together?

Other Complications For Guppies and Angelfish

Guppies are known for being incredibly fertile. They reproduce at a very high rate, and if you don’t control the ratio of male to female Guppies, then you can end up with a lot of Guppy fry. This can be a problem if there are Angelfish present in the tank.

The chances are, the Angelfish will almost entirely eat the Guppy fry. The only way to avoid this would be to have a net or the fry or have a completely separate tank for them ready to go as soon as they are born.

Can You Keep Guppies and Angelfish Together?


So can you keep guppies and angelfish together? Angelfish are one of the more exciting aquarium fish that you can buy due to their fascinating nature. They are relatively aggressive and have unpredictable personalities at times. This is a stark contrast to Guppies.

Guppies are popular due to their peaceful nature and their compatibility with most aquarium setups. They will be able to coexist with most fish species without any problems from the Guppies themselves.

The issue is usually with the other fish species they are sharing the tank with. Our advice is to keep these species separated if it’s possible. Guppies are a great tank mate for the majority of aquarium fish, so if you already have them in your tank, then you won’t be short of options.

If you already have Angelfish in your tank, then you may want to consider getting a different species to keep the harmony in your tank. They are excellent tankmates for a lot of mid-large sized fish. Just keep in mind that if any fish in your tank bear live young, then the Angelfish will most likely eat them.

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