Can Guppies Live In Outdoor Pond?

Guppies are very easy to breed, and that is why they are one of the top choices for aquarium owners. They easily adapt to varying environmental conditions without getting very affected. Keeping your guppies in outdoor ponds can translate to unrestricted space and an unlimited supply of natural live foods like insect and mosquito larvae. Guppies are even found to live successfully in the wild and even outdoor ponds.

Yes, guppies can successfully live and breed in an outdoor pond. Guppies living in outdoor ponds do not pose a serious challenge except a few modifications to the aquarium conditions. Therefore setting up an outdoor pond is not very different from aquarium; you only have to pay attention to a few things like outdoor air temperature, the effect of sunlight, water temperature, and so on.

Can Guppies Live In Outdoor Pond

How Long Can You Keep Your Guppies In Outdoor Pond

One of the major things you need to consider if you desire to keep your guppies in an outdoor pond is the weather and environmental conditions. You must bear in mind that you might have to move your guppies indoors once the weather goes bad. The weather and environmental factors are the key determinants of how long your guppies can stay in outdoor ponds.

If the environmental temperature of the pond stays above 68oF all year round, then the guppies can also stay outdoors all year round.  This temperature is to ensure that the water temperature of the guppies stays at an optimal level. In temperate climates, it is only advisable to keep guppies between April and October. Aquarium owners often consider the climate after October too chilly for guppies.

Although you can try to modify the conditions of the pond, the most common duration of guppies outdoors however, is usually between 5-8 months in a year. You might have to move them indoors once the environmental condition becomes extreme or unfavourable.

Do Guppies Grow Faster In Outdoor Ponds

Some people prefer keeping their guppies in outdoor ponds because they believe the conditions of the pond help them grow faster. Although there is no precise justification to if guppies grow faster in outdoor ponds, some factors however can support this claim.

Unrestricted space in outdoor ponds can enhance the successful growth of guppies. Outdoor ponds offer them more space compared to indoor aquariums. Likewise, guppies also have access to more natural live foods in outdoor ponds. They get to feed on highly nutritious live foods like insects, mosquitoes, and mosquito larvae. These live foods can help them grow faster and stronger.

However, the growth of guppies raised in outdoor ponds can be stunted if they are kept in unfavourable or extreme conditions. Similarly, it becomes difficult to carry out water maintenance; you mostly have to depend on the natural purification process.


Guppies are very easy to breed as they can adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions. You can even decide to breed guppies in outdoor ponds rather than indoor aquariums.  You only have to carry out some precautions like paying attention to the weather, maintaining proper male to female ratio, as well as preventing overcrowding.

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