Betta Fish Flaring (Everything You Need to Know Here)

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Best Plants for Betta Fish (With Pictures)

Best Plants for Betta Fish

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How Long Does Water Need to Sit to Dechlorinate

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When to Turn Off UV Light in a Pond (Full Guide)

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What is the Oily Film on Pond Surface? How to Remove

Oily Film Pond Surface

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How to Make Brown Pond Water Clear Again (Full Guide)

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Betta Fish Laying on Its Side

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How to Clear Murky Pond Water (Full Guide)

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How to Stop My Neon Tetras Fighting (Complete Guide)

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How to Treat Neon Tetra Fin Rot

Do you know about neon tetra fin rot? Do you know if your fish has this kind of infection? Peradventure, your fish, contacts the infection, do you know how to treat it? This article will give you the needed details on how you can treat your neon tetra fin rot. The best way to treat … Read more

Why Is My Betta Fish Losing Color and Turning White

Do you notice your betta fish’s color is fading and becoming white? Are you wondering why the betta fish is losing its colors? Can it be a problem for your fish? Let’s talk about betta fish losing its color and turning white. Betta fish can lose color and turn white due to several reasons. Injury … Read more

Do Frogs Eat Minnows

Do Frogs Eat Minnows

Do you have frogs in your minnow’s pond? Do you know the frogs can eat your minnows when they get the chance? Do you still want to keep your minnows and frogs in the same tank? You will get to know more about frogs and minnows in this article. Frogs will eat minnows, guppies, and … Read more

What is Neon Tetra Disease

Are you noticing some symptoms in your neon tetras? Are you scared your fish might have neon tetra disease? Will it die as the disease progresses? This article contains all the details you need about neon tetra disease. Neon tetra disease is a degenerative disease caused by a Microsporidian parasite. The condition is most common … Read more

What Do Minnows Eat In A Pond

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How To Keep Minnows Alive At Home (Full Guide)

Are you worried something might happen to your minnows when you keep them at home? Are your minnows dying earlier than necessary? Do you wish to keep minnows alive till they reach their full lifespan? The answers to your questions and the solutions to keeping your minnows alive at home are right here in this … Read more

Do Minnows Eat Tadpoles

Do you have tadpoles in the same pond as your minnows? Will your minnows eat the tadpoles when they come across them? Do you plan on adding tadpoles to the same tank as your minnows? Everything you need to know about the predation of tadpoles by minnows is in this article. Minnows will eat tadpoles … Read more

What Do Minnows Eat in the Wild

How much do you know about your minnows? What do you know about their life in the wild? Do you know what they eat or how they live in the wild? This article will provide you with every detail about your minnows and what they eat in the wild. They have a large appetite and … Read more

How Many Minnows in a Pond

Do you wish to create a pond for your minnows? Are you scared of overpopulating the pond with too many minnows? Are you keen on keeping the correct number of minnows in the pond? This guide discusses the optimal number of minnows that best fit into a pond. The stacking rate is essential for keeping … Read more

Can Goldfish Live with Cherry Shrimp

Are you looking for a compatible tank mate for your goldfish? Do you mind looking into the shrimp species for a suitable tank mate? Will cherry shrimp be a good choice? Let’s talk about cherry shrimp and its compatibility with goldfish in the same tank. Shrimps are one of the best choices of tank mates … Read more