Does Water pH Level Affect Guppies

Does Water pH Level Affect Guppies?

Guppies are generally easy fish to care for, that is why they are a great choice for both beginners and experienced aquarium owners. Guppies don’t have extreme or difficult environmental…

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Do Guppies Eat Brown Algae

Do Guppies Eat Brown Algae?

Algae is not something most aquarium owners want to see in their tanks. It is unsightly and does not look very great in tanks. Having brown algae in aquarium tanks…

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How Big Do Cobra Guppies Get

How Big Do Cobra Guppies Get?

The red cobra guppy, also known as millions fish is one of the easiest aquarium fish to care for. It is a peaceful fish that also gets along easily with…

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Do Guppies Like Strong Current

Do Guppies Like Strong Current?

Guppies and other members of the aquarium often react to certain changes in the environment including water current. These environmental changes can be in favour of or against the members…

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Guppies Poop White

Why Is My Guppies Poop White?

There are several behavioural changes that you should look out for in guppies. White poop in guppies can mean a lot of things and it can be a sign that…

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How Long Do Tuxedo Guppies Live

How Long Do Tuxedo Guppies Live?

Tuxedo guppy is scientifically known as Poecilia Reticullata. It often has any possible colour with tuxedo pattern, hence the name. Like other guppies, they are easy to care for, and…

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Guppies Gills Red

Why Are My Guppies Gills Red?

Generally, guppies like other fishes breathe by taking water through their mouth and releasing it through their gills. They filter oxygen from water with a part of the gills called…

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guppy with black eye

Why Have My Guppy Eyes Turned Black?

Most species of fish, particularly those kept in the aquarium have behavioural ways of expressing how they feel. Some of these behaviours and body changes pass certain messages across to…

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