Why is My Guppy Swimming Upside Down

Why is My Guppy Swimming Upside Down

I am sure you must have wondered in time past why some of your guppies are swimming upside down, don’t be too fast to get rid of fish undergoing this swim pattern that is why this post was created. If your guppy fish are swimming upside down this is because they have a problem with … Read more

How To Treat Guppy Dropsy | A Useful Guide

How Do You Treat Guppy Dropsy

This post will teach you what to do if your guppy fish has dropsy. Please note that fish that stay in freshwater are more susceptible to be infected by dropsy bacteria. The main reason your guppy will develop dropsy is poor water conditions which introduce aeromonas bacteria in to the water.  This bacteria will harm … Read more

What Are The Difference Between Mosquito Fish and Guppies

Difference Between Mosquito Fish and Guppies

These two creatures belong to Poecilia genus. Other fish in this genu are swordtails, platyfish, mollies, and the likes. It will interest you to know that they both live in freshwater, they are livebearers which give birth to their offspring alive, but they prey on the fries if food is not available when they are … Read more

Why Do My Guppies Have White Spots?

Why Do My Guppies Have White Spots

White spot in guppies is a disease called (Ich or Ichthyophthirius multifiliis). This is a parasitic disease that is widespread among aquarium fish. This disease starts when a parasite called protozoan finds its way to the fish gills, body and fins then attacks those parts. If you see white spots on your guppies this means … Read more

Is Algae Good For Guppies?

Is Algae Good For Guppies

You don’t need much to satisfy guppies. All you need is to provide a clean environment with adequate space and a moderate supply of food, not overfeeding, and then you will see the beautiful creatures in good health. Do guppies eat algae? Guppies are omnivorous and will eat algae as it provides them a good … Read more

Can Guppies Eat Tropical Fish Flakes

Can Guppies Eat Tropical Fish Flakes

Guppies are kept in public places and homes around the world to beautify the environment, many people wonder what the right food to give, this post was created to inform you if guppies eat tropical fish flakes. The answer to the topic is yes, the consume tropical fish flakes, but it must be in the … Read more

Do Dwarf Gouramis and Fancy Guppies Get Along?

Do Dwarf Gouramis and Fancy Guppies Get Along

There are many similarities these two species shared, both dwarf Gouramis and Guppies love to live in a tropical aquarium, and they can also cope in an extreme environment, this is why they are kept by adept aquarists though dwarf Gouramis are more aggressive compared to guppies that are calm. Do Dwarf Gouramis and Fancy … Read more

Do Goldfish and Guppies Get Along?

Do Goldfish and Guppies Get Along

This topic is the question most beginners ask, and they want to know species that can live comfortably with guppies. Here is where you get precise information on guppies and other related fish. So do goldfish and guppies get along? Yes goldfish and guppies do get along very well, they both have the same water … Read more

How Do You Grow Java Moss In Aquarium?

How Do You Grow Java Moss In Aquarium

Java moss belongs to the Hypnaceae plant family. Java moss is an easy to grow plant with irregular small branched stems. It is commonly used in freshwater aquariums because it adds a lot of value to the tank including its ability to soften the harsh conditions of the tank. Java moss is relatively easy to … Read more

Do Guppies Like Strong Current?

Do Guppies Like Strong Current

Guppies and other members of the aquarium often react to certain changes in the environment including water current. These environmental changes can be in favour of or against the members of the aquarium. Water movement plays an important role in aquarium fish health management, therefore it is important to be sure if the members of … Read more

Why Is My Guppies Poop White?

Guppies Poop White

There are several behavioural changes that you should look out for in guppies. White poop in guppies can mean a lot of things and it can be a sign that you should consider. However, you don’t have to feel too bad about white poop from your guppies, it might be due to several reasons. Why … Read more

How Long Do Tuxedo Guppies Live?

How Long Do Tuxedo Guppies Live

Tuxedo guppy is scientifically known as Poecilia Reticullata. It often has any possible colour with tuxedo pattern, hence the name. Like other guppies, they are easy to care for, and the males generally have a smaller size when compared to the females. They are often expected to live long, particularly in aquaria because of their … Read more

Why Are My Guppies Gills Red?

Guppies Gills Red

Generally, guppies like other fishes breathe by taking water through their mouth and releasing it through their gills. They filter oxygen from water with a part of the gills called rake, which is similar to the lungs. Although the gills are usually reddish because they are engorged with blood, an intense red colouration can mean … Read more

Tuxedo Guppy (Complete Care Guide)

Tuxedo Guppy

Tuxedo Guppies are very good looking fish and are a close relative to the common guppy.  These fish are commonly kept in aquriums indoors but can also be kept outdoors in ponds if the correct conditions are met. Listed below is some quick information about this fish Temperament : Peaceful Colour : Typically Black and … Read more

Why Have My Guppy Eyes Turned Black?

guppy with black eye

Most species of fish, particularly those kept in the aquarium have behavioural ways of expressing how they feel. Some of these behaviours and body changes pass certain messages across to members of the aquarium. Even in the wild, these fishes are also seen to exhibit such behaviour to protect themselves and react to an actual … Read more

Why Does My Guppy Keep Hiding?

Guppy Keep Hiding

Many people that keep guppies as a pet usually expect it to play around in the aquarium but often get surprised when they see them hiding.  Some guppies can be found hiding under the pebbles in the aquarium, some hide in the corner of the tank, while some are seen to hide at the top … Read more

Can You Keep Guppies With Goldfish?

Can You Keep Guppies With Goldfish

Guppies and goldfish are very very popular and peaceful fish. They are both freshwater aquarium fish species but also have the ability to thrive in varying environmental conditions. Although are known to be peaceful, and both species having similar environmental demand, the big question remains; can guppies be kept together with goldfish? Can You Keep … Read more

Can Guppies Get Clamped Fins From Stress?

Can Guppies Get Clamped Fins From Stress

Guppies are generally known to be peaceful fishes but they sometimes exhibit nipping behaviours. They are live bearers and give birth to fully developed fry. This alone makes them capable of independent and existence without any need for further parental care. However, they can be generally affected by various environmental and physiological factors, particularly stress. … Read more

Can Guppies And Betta Fish Live Together

Guppies And Betta Fish Live Together

Betta and Guppy are two freshwater fishes that have very beautiful and amazing strains. They both have hundreds of colors and decent amount of tail types, they also have numerous strains. However, the question to be asked is if both Guppies and Betta can actually live together. Unfortunately, it is not as perfect as you … Read more

How Many Guppies Can You Keep in a 10 Gallon Fish Tank?

How Many Guppies in 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Guppy lovers, especially those that want to start keeping the fish most times, worry about the size of water in the fish tank or the number of guppies in an aquarium. You can keep 1 inch of fish for each one gallon of water.  The average size of a adult guppy is 1 inch to … Read more