How Long Does It Take For Angel Fish Eggs To Hatch?

angel fish laying eggs

On average it takes 48 – 92 hours for angel fish eggs to hatch. It is very important that the water temperature is between 78° and 84° F at the time the eggs was laid. The warmer the water the faster the eggs will hatch. I recommend setting the water temperature to 84° F as this … Read more

How Often Do Angelfish Lay Eggs?

Angelfish Are Ready To Lay Eggs

Angelfish are one of the most recognized and popularly known freshwater fish in the aquarium sector. Angelfish, also known as Pterophyllum, is a freshwater fish genus that belongs to the Cichlidae family. The fish are relatively easy to take care of and are hardy, able to withstand some conditions. Angelfish can lay an egg as … Read more

Are Angelfish Cichlids Fish? Find Out Here

Are Angelfish Cichlids Fish

Angelfish are freshwater fish with several features and behaviors that make them unique. They are possibly the most recognized or known freshwater fish in the aquarium. Angelfish are cichild fish which contain around 2,000 species, These cichlids show aggression, especially during spawning or pair-off season, and they won’t hesitate to feed on smaller fish. What … Read more

Can Angelfish Live With Gouramis? Will They Get On?

Can Angelfish Live With Gouramis

Angelfish are freshwater fish from the Cichlidae family with a beautiful and graceful body structure. Gouramis are also freshwater fishes, but they belong to the Osphronemidae family and sometimes exhibit aggressive behavior. Angelfish and gouramis are compatible tank mates that can live in the same tank peacefully. But it would help if you always watch … Read more

25 Types of Angelfish : Freshwater & Salt (With Pictures)

Koi Angelfish 

In this article I will list with pictures all the types of angelfish that exist. Angelfish are one of the most popular members of the aquarium community. They are hardy, non-picky eaters, and caring for them is relatively easy. However, it is essential to note that there are two types of Angelfish, which are the … Read more

21 Angelfish Tank Mates : Ultimate List (With Pictures)

Angelfish Tank Mates

Angelfish are popular in the aquarium world because of their large size and colorful body. These fish species can easily glide among other tank mates  when the tank conditions are right with them and when they are not disturbed by other members of the tank. Although Angelfish can grow aggressive sometimes and bully smaller fish, … Read more

Angelfish Not Eating : Here’s What You Can Do

Angelfish Not Eating

Angelfish are hardy aquarium fish that are flexible in their nutritional and environmental demands. They are greedy eaters. So, if they stop eating, it simply means something is wrong. Angelfish can stop eating for no apparent reason. However, they can also stop eating due to poor water conditions, food variety, stress, and vitamin deficiencies.  The … Read more

Can Angelfish Live With Goldfish? Will They Get On?

Angelfish are freshwater fish with a lot of desirable and fascinating qualities. Goldfish are also freshwater fish with a graceful appearance. While some species of goldfish thrive in salt and freshwater, angelfish thrive only in freshwater. Angelfish and goldfish cannot live together in the same tank because of their difference in origin and require different … Read more

Can Angelfish Live With Betta

Angelfish Live With Betta

Angelfish are peaceful fishes with a lot of attractive qualities. They belong to the Cichlidae family originating from the Amazon basin, rivers in the Guiana shield, and the Orinoco basin. They are compatible with several species of fishes but can be aggressive towards other cichlids. Angelfish and Betta can live comfortably and peacefully in the … Read more

Angelfish Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

angel fish care

Angelfish is one of the most recognized pet fish among many aquarists, mainly because of their graceful swimming behavior. This freshwater fish belongs to the family Cichlidae, and they are often characterized by their long majestic fins that give them a spirited personality. Angelfish are common because they beautify aquariums with their fancy outlook, and … Read more

Can Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together?

Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together

Keeping Angelfish and Discus Fish together seems like a perfect mix. Both fish originate from the same area and live in similar environmental condition’s, but Can Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together? Yes angel fish and discus fish can live together in the same tank, Be aware the angel fish can be a bit agressive … Read more

How to Treat Fin Rot in Angelfish: 9 Best Treatments

Fin Rot in Angelfish

Fin rot is a very common disease that infects angel fish. If not treated your angel fish will become very poorly. Fin rot is highly contagious and it is very important to treat your whole tank as soon as you can. Symptoms of Fin Rot Signs your angel fish has fin rot are Fins Turn … Read more

Do Angelfish Have Teeth (All The Facts Here)

do angel fish have teeth

Angelfish are known to frequently nip at other fish, especially when they are breeding. Most fish do not have teeth. Do angel fish have teeth? Yes angel fish do have teeth, But the teeth are not located in their jaw, Instead they are located in their throat. Fresh Water Angel Fish The main function of the … Read more

What Is The Best Temperature for Freshwater Angelfish?

If you are looking to keep angelfish an important parameter is the temperature of the tank, and each species of aquarium fish has its own suitable temperatures. What Is The Best Temperature for Freshwater Angelfish? Freshwater Angelfish require warmer water within the range of 78°F to 84°F (26°C to 29°C).  Angelfish are particularly sensitive to their … Read more

Can Angelfish Live Without An Air Pump?

Oxygen is an essential requirement for the survival of fish. Just like every other living thing, they make use of oxygen for their respiratory process. Therefore, they need an abundance of it in their tank. Can Angelfish Live Without An Air Pump? Yes. Angelfish can live without an air pump in their tank provided they … Read more

Can Angelfish Live Alone?

Angelfish are peaceful fish with a lot of admirable qualities. They are solitary fish but better when you pair them with other Angelfish. They are slow swimmers and assuredly graceful swimmers and they are very colorful with excellent features. Can Angelfish Live Alone? Angelfish can quite happily live on their own. They are good at staying … Read more

Can Angelfish Live With Neon Tetras?

Many aquarists desire to keep multiple species of fish in the same tank. Angelfish and neon tetras are two common fish in the aquarium. Therefore, many aquarists are always passionate about keeping them together. Can Angelfish Live With Neon Tetras Neon tetras will make good tank mates for Angelfish, especially in the growing stage. They … Read more

Are Angelfish Poisonous?

Angelfish are one of the predominant species of freshwater cichlids. They are exotic species of tropical fish that add a lot of colors to the aquarium. They are generally easy to keep in the aquarium, even for beginners. Are Angelfish Poisonous No. General aquarium Angelfish are not poisonous. The only reports of toxic poisons are … Read more

Are Angelfish Hardy?

Angelfish are a beautiful set of fish that you can use to grace your aquarium. They originate from the tropical part of South America. Angelfish are from the cichlids family, and they can feed on anything that can fit into their mouth. Are Angelfish Hardy? Angelfish are relatively hardy if you keep them under the … Read more

What Do Angelfish Eat? (Full Guide)

Angelfish are quite flexible when it comes to their choice of food. They are one of the most common species of fish in the aquarium. So what do angelfish eat? It is recommended to feed angelfish fish flakes or pellets as this is the best way to supply them with a balanced diet. Angelfish are … Read more