Can Endlers and Guppies Live Together

Can Endlers and Guppies Live Together?

Endler’s livebearers (Poecilia wingei) are a good-looking and relatively scarce species of guppies. You can widely see them in Laguna de Patos in Venezuela, a South American pet firm that has…

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Are Guppies Aggressive Fish

Are Guppies Aggressive Fish?

Though guppies are not known to be widely aggressive, this is the reason you can find them in public aquarium around the world. Fish lovers adore guppies as a peaceful…

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albino blue topaz guppy care

Albino Blue Topaz Guppy Care

Albino blue topaz guppies are not one of the most popular, but they are unique due to their bluish orange color. They are one of the guppy fish types. Albino…

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Can I keep cherry shrimp with guppies?

Can I Keep Cherry Shrimp With Guppies?

Cherry Shrimp and Guppies are two of the most popular species of aquarium fish, especially for beginner tank owners. They are peaceful species that don’t require too much special attention,…

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Why Do My Fish Keep Dying?

Why Do My Guppy Fish Keep Dying?

There’s nothing more provoking for a fish owner than looking into your tank to see one of your guppy floating lifelessly at the surface of the water. This can be…

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