What Snails Eat Black Beard Algae? {Which Is The Best?}

Black Beard Algae is never welcome in an aquarium, but getting rid of them can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

The easiest way to take care of Black Beard Algae is to get an animal in your tank that will eat it for you.

What Snails Eat Black Beard Algae?

Nerite snails and bladder snails are considered to be the best snails at eating black beard algae.

There are many different animals you can get for your tank that will eat Black Beard Algae for you, so are snails a better option for it than those alternatives are? Well, better might be a stretch, but they are more than decent at it.

What Snails Eat Black Beard Algae

Are Snails Any Good at Clearing Black Beard Algae?

The thing about snails is that they are slower and smaller than most fish, so they definitely won’t be able to clear out Black Beard Algae as quickly, and you’ll need to possess snails in greater numbers to clean the algae as well.

But if you have enough snails, they will generally be able to clean out Black Beard Algae with relative efficiency. It will definitely take some time, but snails are pretty self-sufficient when eating algae, and they are generally quite cheap, so it’s not hard to get a lot of them. They’ll spend most of their time eating algae of all sorts.

Do Nerite Snails Eat Black Beard Algae?

Not only do Nerite snails eat Black Beard Algae, but they are also actually one of the best options for it. They’ll eat all sorts of algae, even hair algae. As long as they like the conditions in your aquarium, they’ll be content to eat algae all day.

Of course, if they don’t like the conditions of your aquarium, they are very good at escaping, and can often be found in other places in your home that you wouldn’t expect. They also love to leave eggs all over the tank. Those eggs won’t hatch, but you’ll have to scrape them off by hand if you dislike them.

That said, Nerite snails are sold at almost every location that sells fish or aquarium products, they are extremely cheap to buy, and their shells come in a variety of colors and patterns. All in all, they are one of the best breeds of snail if you need some to eat Black Beard Algae in your tank.



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