How to Dispose of Dead Fish

Do you have a hard time dealing with the corpse of your dead fish? Are you in need of a reliable and safe way to see off the corpse of your fish? Read on to find out effective ways of disposing of dead fish without hassle.

You can dispose of dead fish in the garden by digging and burying it somewhere in your garden, cremating or burning the fish, and disposing of it alongside other trash. If you need to evaluate the fish’s corpse further, you can preserve it in the freezer. 

Most times, it is best to figure out the reason for the fish’s death. These reasons can help you to figure out safe and environmentally safe ways of disposing of the fish. However, cremating and burying are arguably the two most reliable methods.

Can You Flush A Dead Fish Down the Toilet?

No! Flushing dead fish down the toilet is not a good idea. One of the primary reasons is that the septic system’s design is only suitable for handling human wastes. It can also handle light materials like toilet paper.

It would be best if you understood the repercussion of flushing solid materials down your toilet. Besides the fact that it can cause blockage, it can also damage the septic system. Also, it can cause problems for those dealing with the waste system.

Another reason is that if the fish is not dead by chance, it can wreak havoc when it finds its way into community waterways. The fish might survive and give native fish tough competition for food and other resources.

Some dead fish may also carry diseases that can cause problems along with waterways. They can even cause devastating pollution that will be hard to deal with.

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What Happens If You Leave A Dead Fish in The Tank?

Leaving a dead fish in your tank will do no good to your aquarium. Tank water is bacteria-laden primarily, which will cause the dead fish to rot on time. So, it will cause severe pollution that can put the health of other tank members at risk.

A dead fish is an obvious threat to your tank. So, it is best to remove it almost immediately you find out.

The fish might have died of a specific disease or sickness. If you do not remove it on time, you risk the sickness spreading to other tank members. Some other fish in the tank can even start eating and nipping on the dead fish.

Another thing that can happen when you leave dead fish in your tank is a high level of organic waste. The rise in organic content of the tank can cause deterioration in the overall tank’s quality.

In summary, below is a highlight of things that can happen when you leave dead fish in your tank;

  • It can cause severe water pollution in fish’s tank
  • You can place your tank at the risk of a disease outbreak
  • It raises the organic level of the tank
  • It can result in poor water quality and depletion in the tank’s pH
  • It can cause the death of more members of the tank

Should I Remove Dying Fish from Tank?

A healthy fish would not be dying in the tank. So, once you find a dying member of your tank, it is best to evacuate it from your tank. Removing dying fish from your tank will protect other tank members from possible dangers.

Aside from the above, some of the reasons you should remove a dying fish from your tank include;

1. It will protect other tank members

A healthy or agile fish cannot die without reason. So, removing affected fish from the tank will protect other tank members from having similar problems.

2. It helps you to figure out the cause of the problem.

There are several reasons a fish can be dying. Isolating the dying fish will help you to figure out the reason for the dying condition. Also, it will guide you on how to solve the problem and protect other members from suffering a similar fate.

3. It helps you to treat the affected fish.

It is best to place your dying fish in a quarantine tank once you remove it from the main tank. This action will help you to administer proper treatment and save your fish from eventually dying. It will be easy to make that tank conditions suitable for treatment.

4. It Prevents Other Fishes from Consuming the Parts of The Dying Fish

It is common for agile fish to nip on weak and dying fish. Consequently, it will reduce the chances of the fish’s survival. Also, these nipping fish can contract diseases from the dying fish.

Is It Cruel to Flush a Live Fish?

Flushing a live fish down the drain is one of the cruelest things you can do to your pet. Even if the fish is dead, flushing it is still cruel. You are technically killing your fish or releasing it into an unfriendly environment.

There is little or no chance that your fish would survive when you flush it down the drain. If at all it survives, it would find it hard to cope in this new environment. The fish would have to adapt to living in the wild even if it makes it into the waterways.

So, the cruelty of flushing live fish affects the animal and the environment. It exposes the fish o harsh conditions that might cause its death eventually. Flushing a dead fish can also introduce disease and parasites to the environment.


No one prays for their pet fish to die, but it happens anyway. So, it is best to know the proper way of handling and disposing of the corpse of a dead fish. This knowledge will help you to protect your tank and the environment.

Burying the fish, disposing of it with other wastes, or cremating are good options for dealing with fish corpses. Finding out the cause of the fish’s death can give you a clear idea about the proper disposal. Regardless, avoid flushing a dead fish down the drain.