5 Most Realistic Artificial Aquarium Plants

Plants are an essential part of an aquarium. It not only beautifies the place, but it creates a familiar and conducive environment for the fishes.

Fishes thrive in their natural habitat. Creating an exact replica of that habitat, will not only produce happy fishes but healthy ones.

Most Realistic Artificial Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants come in two major types: Artificial and Natural Aquarium Plants.

Natural Aquarium plants are 100% organic plants.


  • They are naturally and specifically grown for the aquarium. They not only provide the aquarium with aesthetics but provide nutrients for the fishes.
  • They generally create a natural environment for the fishes by controlling CO2 levels and creating a biofilm.


  • Maintaining natural plants are hectic and time-consuming; Regular trimming is required.
  • They are sometimes prone to developing diseases.

Artificial Aquarium Plants are not organic. They are made from plastic or silk materials but realistically created to look natural.


  • They create an illusion of natural habitat and they beautify the aquarium
  • Maintenance is not hectic, as it only requires cleaning.


  • They do not serve any biological purposes.
  • They are quite expensive.

Artificial aquarium plants could very well be mistaken for natural aquarium plants. Some of the most realistic ones include:

Aqueon Begonia Aquarium Plant

Because of its green nature, this artificial plant boasts of some natural features such as long, thin stems and small rounded leaves. It provides suitable cover for your fishes and gives your aquarium a natural glow. It is safe to use in any type of aquarium be it freshwater, marine, or cold water, etc.

Faux Plastic Wheat Grass

It comes in an alluring green that creates a natural illusion in the aquarium. Water and UV resistant, this plant is sure a go-to if you’re looking to have wheatgrass, but don’t want the trouble of maintaining it.

It is one of the safest options, as it is chemical and poison-free.

Begondis Aquarium Artificial Green Water Plants

Radiantly green and beautiful, this plant features long thin stems and narrow leaves. This artificial plant creates an enabling environment for fishes to swim and thrive.

Built from silk fabric plastic, this plant will stay beautiful for ages to come.

Naturals Foreground Silk Plant

Bringing the illusion of an ocean bed to life, this soft beautiful pink plant, undulates in the water with ease, creating beauty and essence to your aquarium. It is 100% chemical-free. It doesn’t pollute the water or harm your fish.

biOrb Easy Plant Sets

Its beautiful wide leaves spread out to accommodate fishes to rest on, this plant boasts of height that adds dimension and color to your aquarium. Its soft surface provides comfort to your fishes.


While artificial aquarium plants are beautiful and easy to maintain, it is important to note that they could harm your fishes if proper care isn’t observed. Know your fishes and go for only plants beneficial to their health.

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