Can Angelfish Live With Betta

Angelfish Live With Betta

Angelfish are peaceful fishes with a lot of attractive qualities. They belong to the Cichlidae family originating from the Amazon basin, rivers in the Guiana shield, and the Orinoco basin. They are compatible with several species of fishes but can be aggressive towards other cichlids. Angelfish and Betta can live comfortably and peacefully in the … Read more

Angelfish Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

angel fish care

Angelfish is one of the most recognized pet fish among many aquarists, mainly because of their graceful swimming behavior. This freshwater fish belongs to the family Cichlidae, and they are often characterized by their long majestic fins that give them a spirited personality. Angelfish are common because they beautify aquariums with their fancy outlook, and … Read more

Why Is My Arowana Not Eating

Arowana Not Eating

If your Arowana fish is not eating it could be simply because they had a large meal and could just be full, or the fish could be stressed, suffering from a disease or other issues with the water quality in your aquarium. If your arowana fish is not eating it is not necessary an issue, … Read more

Can You Keep Cory Catfish With Gravel? Is It Safe?

Cory Catfish With Gravel

It is not recommended to keep Cory Catfish with gravel in your aquarium, Cory Catfish are bottom feeders and they could damage themselves as the gravel will be sharp and pointy and could damage their barbels. Cory Catfish are bottom feeders and spend most of their time scavenging the aquariums floor for food. For this … Read more

Can Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together?

Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together

Keeping Angelfish and Discus Fish together seems like a perfect mix. Both fish originate from the same area and live in similar environmental condition’s, but Can Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together? Yes angel fish and discus fish can live together in the same tank, Be aware the angel fish can be a bit agressive … Read more

How to Treat Fin Rot in Angelfish: 9 Best Treatments

Fin Rot in Angelfish

Fin rot is a very common disease that infects angel fish. If not treated your angel fish will become very poorly. Fin rot is highly contagious and it is very important to treat your whole tank as soon as you can. Symptoms of Fin Rot Signs your angel fish has fin rot are Fins Turn … Read more

Tiger Endler Fish Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Tiger Endler Fish

Tiger Endler fish are a special type of beautiful guppy freshwater fish. They are a crossbreed of fancy guppies and wild endlers. This rare species originated from Venezuela and is currently present in the green, hard, and warm water lagoons of Laguna De Paris along the coast of Northern Venezuela. Tiger Endlers are peaceful in … Read more

How To Remove Hair Algae From Java Moss : Full Guide

Remove Hair Algae From Java Moss

Hair Algae will form in your tank on your Java Moss due to some sort of imbalance in your tank. In this article I will show you how to identify the imbalance and the best way to remove hair algae from your tank. What Is Hair Algae Hair algae is a fungus that grows on … Read more

Can You Keep Pygmy Cory with Guppies

Pygmy Cory with Guppies

Pygmy Cory and Guppies are both hardy aquarium fish that most aquarists will love to have in their tank. They are not picky eaters, and they both add color and life to the fish tank. Pygmy Cory and Guppies will make excellent tank mates basically because of their peaceful nature. They both have small bodies, … Read more

Why Do My Corydoras Keep Hiding

Corydoras Keep Hiding

Corydoras are peaceful and easy to keep in an aquarium. They are one of the first sets of fish beginners often add to their tank. This species of fish are shy and spend most of their day at the bottom of the tank. When Corydoras are new to a tank, they tend to hide until … Read more

Do Pygmy Corys Need Sand

Do Pygmy Corys Need Sand

Pygmy Corys are a hardy species of fish. They are peaceful and shy; therefore, they often love the presence of plants and other substrates in their tank. Do Pygmy Corys Need Sand? Pygmy Corys need sand in their tank because it is softer than most other substrates. Sands protect Pygmy Corys when they are searching … Read more

Will Corydoras Uproot Plants

Will Corydoras Uproot Plants

Corydoras is also known as Cory catfish among many aquarists. This aquarium fish are relatively hardy and are not picky with foods and plants. Occasionally, Corydoras devour the live plants in their tank. Generally speaking no, You don’t need to bother about Corydoras uprooting plant in the tank. However, some specific species like Corydoras paleatus … Read more

Are Pygmy Corydoras Hardy Fish

Pygmy Corydoras Hardy Fish

Pygmy Corydoras are a peaceful species of fish that are compatible with small but healthy tanks. They are one of the smallest species you can find, but they are adorable. Pygmy Corydoras are relatively hardy. They can survive in environments that are not too extreme and live comfortably with other peaceful fish. However, they are … Read more

Veiltail Cherry Barb Care: Everything You Need To Know

Veiltail Cherry Barb Appearance

The Veiltail Cherry Barb fish is a very hardy fish and is considered a premium fish to keep because they can be quite hard to locate and buy one. This type of cheery barb is very energetic, generally hardier and has much brighter and beautiful colours. These fish originally lived in the wild in Sri … Read more