Can Betta Fish Die and Come Back to Life

Can Betta Fish Die

Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are popular fish in the aquarium trade because of their colorful and beautiful appearance. Fish in the aquarium have a way of easing stress out of their owners after a hard day’s work, and the betta is not an exception. Watching fishes swim is so graceful you wouldn’t … Read more

Are Betta Fish Freshwater or Saltwater Fish

Are Betta Fish Freshwater or Saltwater Fish

Betta fish is no doubt one of the most popular fish among aquarists. They are brightly colored and will add life to your fish tank. They are very hardy and will survive longer in poor condition compared to most other fish. Betta fish are tropical freshwater fish. They should not be kept in saltwater.  In … Read more

Are Cichlids Aggressive? How To Reduce Aggression

Are Cichlids Aggressive

Cichlids are one of the most common fish in the aquarium. Cichlids are incredibly popular because of their beautiful colors, interesting behaviors, and ease of breeding. Individual factors and conditions can either mitigate their aggressiveness or aggravate it. Cichlids are generally temperamental and aggressive. They might cause a lot of trouble in the tank if … Read more

Celestial Pearl Danio Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Celestial Pearl Danio

Celestial Pearl Danio, also known as Galaxy Rasboras is a freshwater fish that is particularly common in small, vegetated ponds in the South East of Asia This fish species which was discovered in the last few decades is notable for its bright and multiple colors that add beauty to the fish tank. Celestial Pearl Danios … Read more

Peacock Gudgeon Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Peacock Gudgeon

Peacock Gudgeon is a unique, and one of the most beautiful colored freshwater fish and it is worth the consideration of most aquarists. Peacock Gudgeon are also known as Peacock Goby but they are not a member of the Goby family. Peacock Gudgeon is also a good choice for community tanks because they can easily … Read more

Japan Blue Endler Guppy Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Japan Blue Endler Guppy

Japan Blue Endler Guppy is one of the newest color strains of aquarium fish. This fish species is a valuable addition to the fish community because of their vibrant colors and easy going personality. Even though it is a new and rare species, Japan Blue Endler Guppy is fast becoming popular among many aquarists. Quick … Read more

Super Red Arowana Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Super Red Arowana

Super Red Arowana, also known as the dragon fish are elegant species and are largely bigger than most other fish in the aquarium. Super Red Arowanas are largely predatory; hence, most aquarists consider them as a bigger challenge after they get more comfortable with aquarium processes. To have this fish species in your aquarium is … Read more

Are Guppies Schooling Fish? Schooling vs Shoaling

Are Guppies Schooling Fish

Guppies are one of the most peaceful members of the aquarium. They are favorites in the aquarium because they are affordable and easy to keep. Guppies have bright colors that beautify your tank. Guppies are primarily considered to be schooling fish. They frequently display this behavior both in tanks and their natural habitat. They mainly … Read more

Can Angelfish Live With Gouramis? Will They Get On?

Can Angelfish Live With Gouramis

Angelfish are freshwater fish from the Cichlidae family with a beautiful and graceful body structure. Gouramis are also freshwater fishes, but they belong to the Osphronemidae family and sometimes exhibit aggressive behavior. Angelfish and gouramis are compatible tank mates that can live in the same tank peacefully. But it would help if you always watch … Read more

Are Betta Fish Smart? Everything You Need To Know Here

Are Betta Fish Smart

Betta fish are quite popular in aquarist fish tanks. They are notable for their interactive nature because of their ability to react to movement outside the tank. They recognize individuals, objects, and interact with patterns. Betta fish are smart. Although Betta fish might not be as smart as some other aquarium members, they are still … Read more

Are Betta Fish Tropical? What Needs Do They Have?

Are Betta Fish Tropical

Betta fish are peaceful species of fish. They can add life to your tank because they are colorful and interactive. The ideal habitat for Betta fish is one of the debates about this species. Betta fish are tropical, they thrive best in a clean and warm tank. They prefer temperature within the range of 76-810F. … Read more

Arowana Drop Eye Syndrome : Cause & Treatments

Arowana Drop Eye Syndrome

Arowana is a bony freshwater fish with a huge body structure and shape. This fish has a bony head and an elongated body covered with large, heavy scales with a pattern of colors. The fish grows into large sizes making several aquarists want to have it in their tank. The Arowana droop eye syndrome is … Read more

Bolivian Ram Vs. German Blue Ram : Are They For You?

German Blue Ram

Rams, in general are a type of dwarf cichlid. They are common in various aquariums because of their colorful and peaceful nature. They don’t grow big and live peacefully with other fish in community tanks. Bolivian ram and German blue ram are similar in behavior but differ in other aspects, including physical appearance. They also … Read more

Will Cichlids Fish Eat Snails? Everything You Need To Know Here

Will Cichlids Fish Eat Snails

Are you looking to mix Cichlid fish and snails in the same tank? If yes you will want to know Will Cichlids Fish Eat Snails? Cichlid fish generally do not eat snails. Some species have been know to eat small snails on rare occasions (Probably when they are very hungry).  Cichlids fish will not actively … Read more

25 Types of Angelfish : Freshwater & Salt (With Pictures)

Koi Angelfish 

In this article I will list with pictures all the types of angelfish that exist. Angelfish are one of the most popular members of the aquarium community. They are hardy, non-picky eaters, and caring for them is relatively easy. However, it is essential to note that there are two types of Angelfish, which are the … Read more

Spotted Congo Puffer Fish Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Spotted Congo Puffer

Spotted Congo Puffer is native to the democratic republic of Congo; hence, its name. This aquarium fish species prefer rocky habitat, highly oxygenated water, and spend most time lurking around ready to kill any small fish or crustacean they find around. Spotted Congo Puffer has no known sexual dimorphism, but they are, however, aggressive and … Read more

21 Angelfish Tank Mates : Ultimate List (With Pictures)

Angelfish Tank Mates

Angelfish are popular in the aquarium world because of their large size and colorful body. These fish species can easily glide among other tank mates  when the tank conditions are right with them and when they are not disturbed by other members of the tank. Although Angelfish can grow aggressive sometimes and bully smaller fish, … Read more

Angelfish Not Eating : Here’s What You Can Do

Angelfish Not Eating

Angelfish are hardy aquarium fish that are flexible in their nutritional and environmental demands. They are greedy eaters. So, if they stop eating, it simply means something is wrong. Angelfish can stop eating for no apparent reason. However, they can also stop eating due to poor water conditions, food variety, stress, and vitamin deficiencies.  The … Read more

Can Angelfish Live With Goldfish? Will They Get On?

Angelfish are freshwater fish with a lot of desirable and fascinating qualities. Goldfish are also freshwater fish with a graceful appearance. While some species of goldfish thrive in salt and freshwater, angelfish thrive only in freshwater. Angelfish and goldfish cannot live together in the same tank because of their difference in origin and require different … Read more