Do Tangs Eat Shrimp? {Safe For Them To Eat?}

Tangs are a great and colourful addition to any reef tank and are popular for fish keeping hobbyists.

However, if you want to add some invertebrates to your tank, then you may be wondering whether tangs eat shrimp.

Do Tangs Eat Shrimp?

Tangs don’t usually bother with invertebrates in a tank, but they will eat brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, krill, and cleaner shrimp. Tangs are omnivores and may attack a shrimp if it’s in the middle of molting.

Tangs are generally a pretty passive fish and get along well with others, but you should always consider the personality of your individual fish, the layout of your tank, the food you’re providing them.

Do Tangs Eat Shrimp

The rest of this article will describe why tangs aren’t really compatible with shrimp.

Are Shrimp Ok for Tangs to Eat?

Shrimp are perfectly ok for tangs to eat. Tangs are omnivores that benefit from a varied diet. For tangs that are picky, adding some mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, or krill is a great food option to encourage them to eat.

Do Tangs Eat Cleaner Shrimp?

Some tangs will eat cleaner shrimp given the opportunity.

In general, it depends on how well fed your tangs are. If they’re getting enough nutrition and variety in their diet, they might not bother with cleaner shrimp, especially if the shrimp have plenty of places to hide.

However, putting the two together isn’t recommended.

Tangs are grazers and love to nibble throughout the day, which may be part of why they’re not ideal with cleaner shrimp. To them, the shrimp are just another snack waiting to be eaten.

Cleaner Shrimp

What Will Tangs Eat?

Tangs are a good cleaner fish and will eat lots of different types of algae. You can feed them flakes, pellets, and greens. They also love algae wafers. They love veggies like blanched spinach, kale, broccoli, or peas.

A once daily feeding schedule is ideal for tangs, and you should try to avoid having too much leftover food in the bottom of your tank.

This food can cause a buildup of harmful ammonia in your tank that can disrupt your tank parameters and negatively impact the wellbeing of your fish.

Do Yellow Tangs Eat Shrimp?

Yellow tangs will also eat shrimp, both meal shrimp like mysis and brine, as well as cleaner shrimp. Putting the two together isn’t ideal if you’re looking to grow your population of shrimp.

Tangs love to graze on anything, and they are equipped with small, yet sharp teeth that are suited for an omnivorous lifestyle.

Can Shrimp Survive in a Tang Tank?

It’s certainly not impossible for shrimp to survive in a tang tank but putting shrimp in a tank with tangs isn’t a good way of helping them survive.

It’s quite possible that if your tang is more chill, he won’t harass or try to eat the shrimp. In addition, if your tang tank is well fed, your tangs might not be as interested in attacking the shrimp.

That being said, shrimp certainly aren’t likely to propagate in a tank with tangs (or most other fish, really).

Shrimp eggs and fry are just too tempting a snack for any fish, and if you’re wanting to grow your shrimp population, then you should really just put them in a separate tank.

Final Thoughts

Tangs will eat shrimp if given the opportunity, although it’s not something they’re particularly known for. They’re grazers who love to pick at algae and plankton floating in the water, so shrimp aren’t really something that’s on the menu for them.

Even so, putting shrimp in a tang tank isn’t ideal if you’re overly concerned about your shrimp staying alive.


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