Celestial Pearl Danio Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Celestial Pearl Danio, also known as Galaxy Rasboras is a freshwater fish that is particularly common in small, vegetated ponds in the South East of Asia

This fish species which was discovered in the last few decades is notable for its bright and multiple colors that add beauty to the fish tank.

Celestial Pearl Danio

Celestial Pearl Danios often like to stay together in packs; thus, reflecting their peaceful nature and adding elegance to the tank with their colored packs.

Quick Facts

Temperament : Peaceful
Freshwater / Saltwater Fish : Freshwater
Care Level : Medium
Colour : White spots along the body and red on the fins
Diet : Fish Flakes, Blood Worm, Java Moss
Adult Size : Up to 1 inch
Lifespan : 3-5 years
Water Temperature : 73-790F
Water Ph : 6.5-7.5
Tank Size : Min 5 Gallon


Celestial Pearl Danios are one of the smallest freshwater fish you can have in your tank; hence, there is a need to take proper care of them. If you take proper care of them, you will largely benefit from their vibrant color and peaceful nature.

This fish species are somewhat timid, but they will find a way to cope with other peaceful fish in the same tank. It is best to keep them with fish of similar size under the appropriate water conditions if you don’t intend to keep them alone.

Typical Behaviour

Celestial Pearl Danios are generally peaceful. Also, they will add life and activity to your tank without disturbing other tank mates. They are shy and timid; hence they love to move together in groups.

They are usually vulnerable to bullying because of their relatively smaller size. Bigger fish will mostly outcompete them when it comes to food and other basic necessities. Overall, Celestial Pearl Danios are shy, active, and timid.

During breeding, males will fight each other for mates. However, you can lower this risk by ensuring that the females outnumber the male.


It is very easy to spot out Celestial Pearl Danios even in a community tank because of their unique and distinguishable appearance.

They have a small body that is perfectly covered with beautiful colors. The bodies of Celestial Pearl Danios are white spotted and their fins are either covered with yellow or Orange. There are slight variations in the fin color of each fish depending on their sex.

Life Span

Celestial Pearl Danios do not have extended lifespan compared to some notable freshwater species. They can live up to 3-5 years in captivity when they are comfortable and healthy. There are some crucial factors that influence the lifespan of Celestial Pearl Danios.

These factors include feeding habits, diet, water conditions, tank conditions, tank mates, stress level, underlying health conditions, etc. it is essential to optimize these factors to favor your fish if you want them to live to their full prospective lifespan.


Celestial Pearl Danios are very small. In fact, they are one of the smallest freshwater fish. They can grow up to 1-1.5 inches regardless of how much care you give them. Consequently, this size makes them timid and shy.

The size of Celestial Pearl Danios also explains why they love to move together in groups. Also, factors that can influence the size of your fish include; feeding habit, diet, tank and water conditions, and stress level.


How can you tell if a Celestial Pearl Danio is male or female? Celestial Pearl Danios exhibit sexual dimorphism. This means that you can easily differentiate the males from the females with physically observable features.

Male Celestial Pearl Danios have thin bodies while the females are more rounded. The malee colors are more vibrant, particularly on the tail while the females have a relatively duller color. The color of the male’s stomach will have an additional red coloration during courting.

Compatible Tank Mates

Due to the Celestial Pearl Danio calm and peaceful nature they can mix with many different fish.

Compatible tank mates for Celestial Pearl Danio fish include

  • Killifish
  • Tetras
  • Galaxy Rasboras
  • Guppies
  • Corydoras

Water Conditions

Celestial Pearl Danio is not too strict when it comes to water demands and suitable water conditions. Nevertheless, you should not make the mistake of thinking that they are as hardy as some members of the dish tank.

Aside from ensuring proper water parameters, it is also essential to ensure water stability. Celestial Pearl Danios can react to rapid water changes or unfavorable water conditions


Celestial Pearl Danios love warm water. They thrive best in freshwater within the range of 75-780F.

It is recommended to use an aquarium heater to keep the water temperature at the recommended setting. If you are after a heater check out the ones available on amazon

PH Level

Celestial Pearl Danios are not very biased when it comes to the suitable pH for them. they prefer a near neutral pH within the range of 6.5-7.5.

You can monitor your aquariums water using a PH water tester kit available on amazon

Oxygen level

As with most fish it is important for these fish to live in well oxygenated water, For this I recommend to install an air pump in to your aquarium as this will insure that the water is well oxygenated. You can pickup an air pump online from amazon.

Tank Setup

There are certain things we need to consider when we are selecting a tank, we know the needs of this fish are

  • Prefers a lot of space as they are active and love to swim around
  • Celestial Pearl Danios love plenty plants to provide hiding spots and enhance swimming
  • Include driftwoods and rocks to simulate their natural habitats
  • They don’t need high water current; thus, they prefer still and slow moving water.
  • Keep the tank lighting moderate or fairly high

With this information we can now select a tank.

endlers tank setup

Tank Size

Celestial Pearl Danio is relatively small; therefore, they don’t need a gigantic tank. Since these fish species are best kept in a schooling group between 4 to 6, you need at least a 10 gallon fish tank. Anything below this can make them slightly uncomfortable.

Also, The tank size can increase as you add new members to your tank. The best ratio is to allocate 2 gallons per fish. You can make the tank shallow to mimic the natural home of Celestial Pearl Danios to make them comfortable.

How many Celestial Pearl Danio to keep in a 5 gallon tank? Celestial Pearl Danios are fairly small and will fit in small tanks. You can keep about 1-3 Celestial Pearl Danios in a 5 gallon tank. The best ratio is to allocate 2 gallons of water per fish.

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The cleaner your tank water is the more chance your fish have of thriving and living a happier and healthier life. I have always used a fluval aquarium filter which I highly recommend, Check them out here


It is recommended to use an aquarium heater to keep the water temperature at the recommended setting. If you are after a heater check out the ones available on amazon

I also recommend that you monitor your aquariums water temperature by using an aquarium digital thermometer. Check out these ones from amazon

Tank Decorations

Adding lots of decorations and live plants to Celestial Pearl Danios’ tank will make them feel comfortable. It will provide an avenue for them to swim gracefully around the plants and decorations. Likewise, the decorations will provide hiding spots for them, considering their timid and shy nature.


How often do Celestial Pearl Danio fish need to be fed? Celestial Pearl Danios are not fussy eaters, but they will most likely eat as long as you feed them.  You can feed juveniles 3 times a day to ensure that they have an adequate supply of nutrients to enhance their active growth.

Adult Celestial Pearl Danios will cope fine with feeding just 2 times a day. It is essential to ensure that what you are feeding them with will fit perfectly into their mouth.

What should I feed my Celestial Pearl Danios? Celestial Pearl Danios are largely omnivorous, which means they will feed on both plants and live foods. They are not picky eaters. In fact, they are largely considered to be opportunistic feeders and this explains the wide variation in their diet.

You can feed Celestial Pearl Danios with dried foods like pallets and flakes. Since they are timid, Celestial Pearl Danios will most likely stay towards the bottom of the tank. Therefore, it is best to use sinking pellets.

Feeding your Celestial Pearl Danios with frozen foods, such as brine shrimp and krill will also add high nutritional value. Krill will particularly help with the red coloration of your fish. You can also consider white worms as a low budget alternative.

Other suitable live foods for Celestial Pearl Danios include Moina, Daphnia, and Grindal worms.

How long can Celestial Pearl Danios live without food? It is not advisable to starve any fish for no concrete reason. Starving your fish will have a negative effect on their growth, and make them vulnerable to various health damaging conditions.

However, when it becomes unavoidable to leave your fish without food, you can be confident that Celestial Pearl Danios will survive 3-7 days. Nevertheless, you must ensure the stability and suitability of their tank all through this period.


Breeding Celestial Pearl Danios is fairly easy. The body colors of this species are the biggest indicator during breeding season. The belly of the males gains additional red color to signify the courting stage. Likewise, the darker colorations of females and their rounder abdomen show that they are ready for spawning.

Celestial Pearl Danios are NOT livebearers; instead they lay eggs. They lay up to 30 eggs at a time in a place with little or no water movement. These eggs will incubate for about 2-4 days before entering the larvae stage, and then become free living.

You should move the eggs and females to a breeding tank once you spot the eggs because the males will constantly eat the eggs. The breeding tank can resemble the main tank with little or no water movement.

How to tell if Celestial Pearl Danios is pregnant? Celestial Pearl Danios are not livebearers; therefore, they don’t exactly get pregnant. But you can tell when they are ready for breeding or when they are carrying eggs.

The female Celestial Pearl Danios will look rounder than normal when they are ready to lay eggs. Their colors become duller and their movement will not be as fast as it used to be.


The last thing I want to go through is the common diseases these fish could suffer from.

Fin Rot

Fin Rot is one of the common diseases that particularly affect Celestial Pearl Danios. Although the disease is not exclusive to this species, they are relatively vulnerable. These diseases affect the fins and tails, causing them to become discolored and frail. The fin might even start falling off in some extreme cases.

Fin rot is usually caused by poor water conditions and underlying health factors. You can start the treatment of this condition by ensuring the cleanliness, stability, and proper conditioning of the fish’s tank.

White Spots

White spots disease is commonly known as hypothyreosis. This condition causes the fish to have white cysts of about 1mm on either or all of the skin, scales, fins, or gills. The white spots are actually fungus that feed on the host’s tissue. The parasites will multiply as long as the tank favors their growth.

The treatment of this disease starts with the optimization of the water conditions and ensuring the cleanliness of the fish tank. You can quarantine the affected fish in a separate tank and raise the temperature of the tank. There are also available drugs that can help you to get rid of the parasite.


Ich is another notable disease that affects Celestial Pearl Danios. This disease will cause the fish to leave white spots on the body of the fish. Consequently, they will rub their body aggressively on various surfaces in the fish tank.

Quarantine the affected fish immediately you discover this condition then ensure that the rest of the tank members are safe by carrying out proper tank maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions about this fish

What is the best substrate for {{fish name here}}?? Celestial Pearl Danios love to have substrates in their tank. The inclusion of driftwoods and rocks will help the tank simulate the natural environment of the tank.

Are Celestial Pearl Danios Hardy? Celestial Pearl Danios are hardy. They are flexible with most of their demands, including choice of food and water conditions.

Will celestial pearl Danios eat shrimp? Yes, Celestial Pearl Danios will snack on shrimps as long as it fits into their mouth. Shrimps can contribute largely to their diet.

Will celestial pearl Danios eat snails? Celestial Pearl Danios are active and will consistently search the tank for anything they can munch on. They will eat juvie snails and snail eggs that can fit into their mouth.

Can Celestial Pearl Danios live with bettas? Celestial Pearl Danios can live with bettas as long as you can optimize the tank conditions to suit both parties. They are both fairly hardy and flexible in most of their demands.

Do celestial pearl Danios jump? Celestial Pearl Danios will not jump except they are triggered. This fish species will go about with their normal swimming style until you scare them or something causes extreme disturbance for them.

Where are celestial pearl Danios from? Celestial Pearl Danios are native to the small, vegetated ponds in South East Asia.