Do Dojo Loach Eat Snails (Are They Good for Them)

Do you have dojo loaches in your tank? Have you been wondering how your dojo loaches cope with snails? Do you know your dojo loaches can eat snails? Here is everything you need to know about your dojo loach and snails.

Dojo loaches love snails and will certainly eat them when they come across one. Snails are good for dojo loaches and provide them with nutritional benefits. Your dojo loach will eat snails that can fit into their mouth, meaning large dojos will eat larger snails while smaller ones eat smaller snails.

Will Dojo Loaches Eat Mystery Snails?

Dojo loaches will eat mystery snails in your tank if they come across them. Try not to keep dojo loaches and mystery snails in the same tank if you want to preserve them. Your dojos will eat the snails in your tank, provided the snails can fit into their mouth.

Snails provide dojo loaches with several nutritional benefits. They are a good source of fats for your fish and highly rich in protein. Snails will do a good job in controlling the circulatory system of your fish.

Feeding snails to your dojo loaches as treats will also boost their immune system and keep them far away from illness. Aside from their nutritional values, snails are very tasty and will make a good meal choice for your fish. Having these snails in your tank will also beautify your tank till your dojos catch their fancy.

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What Do Dojo Loaches Eat?

Dojo loaches are easy to feed and will eat almost anything that comes their way. They have a large appetite and will feed on whatever they can munch on. They can feed on varieties of food ranging from fish feed to snails and other live food.

Your dojo might end up eating everything they come across and spitting out what they do not like. Dojo loaches have a similar food choice as goldfish. You can feed your goldfish food to your dojo loaches without any problem.

Dojos will eat a variety of live foods they can find. They can feed on daphnia, blood worms, brine shrimps, and other small fish and insects they can find. They will also eat gel food you feed to them.

Dojo loaches are omnivores and will feed on whatever they can find. You can also feed them with pellets and fish flakes. Fish flakes and pellets will provide them with quality nutritional benefits.

Your dojo loaches will also not hesitate to nip at vegetables and other plants. These vegetables and plants will provide your fish with vitamins, minerals, and several other needed nutrients. Fruits will also make a good choice for your dojo loaches when it comes to giving them a treat.

Algae will also serve as a good pack of snacks for your dojo loaches. You will see your dojo loaches scraping off algae from the tank’s walls and structures in the tank. You will also notice your dojo sifting through the tank for small algae snacks.

You have to provide your dojo loaches with top-notch quality food to ensure their good health. Feeding them with the appropriate food will also ensure their rapid growth and development. Ensure you feed your dojo loaches with the right type of food.

Do Loaches Eat Snails?

Loaches have quite a good reputation when it comes to snail eating. Loaches will do a good job eating every snail that crosses their path. It is not advisable to keep your snails with loaches if you want to preserve the snails as you might end up losing them as a meal to your loaches.

They are efficient hunters of snails, as you will see them patrolling the waters in search of snails. They will also dig under your substrate in search of their tasty treat. These activities make them highly efficient in hunting down snails and eating them.

Even snails that burrow are not safe from these serial snail killers. If you intend to get rid of unwanted snails in your tank, you can introduce your loaches to the tank to get rid of them faster than you think. Loaches might not be able to feed on all snails, depending on the snail’s size.

Loaches will eat snails that can only fit into their mouth. When the snail appears to be bigger than what they can take, they leave it for the larger predators. If the loach is larger than the snail, it won’t hesitate to gulp the snail down.

Snails are highly nutritious to loaches and will provide little or no side effects, making it safe for them to kill and eat. They are also very tasty and too delicious for loaches to resist eating them. If you have snails in your dojo’s tank, then they are at the mercy of your fish.

Will Loaches Eat Large Snails?

The only factor that can stop loaches from eating snails is the snail’s size compared to its size. If the snail happens to be larger than what the loach can take, the loach will not eat it. But if the snail is the size your loach can eat, it will gladly eat it.

No matter how large the snail can be, once it is the size your loach can eat, your loach will make it. Larger loaches will eat large snails, while smaller ones will take on small snails. The size of the fish determines the size of its prize.

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Baby Snails?

Kuhli loaches eat snails and will eat the snails smaller than they are. They will show no mercy at baby snails and eat as much as they can. If you have a tank infested by baby snails, your Kuhli loaches will perform a good task in clearing your tank.

Kuhli loaches will also eat small species of snails. Since they have a small size, they will need to search for smaller snails to fit their appetite. Loaches, in general, are snail lovers and will feed on them when they find them.


Dojo loaches will eat snails when they find them. Snails are nutritious for them and will not harm or hurt them. You can make snails part of their diet to suit their cravings.