Ideal Arowana Fish Water Conditions

If you are looking to keep Arowana fish you will need to know what the ideal water conditions are in order for them to thrive in your aquarium.

Arowana fish require water temperature of between 75-82°F with the PH levels between 6.5-7.5.  The water will also need to be soft to medium and good water filtration is also required.  It is also recommended to change 20% of the aquariums water every 1-2 weeks.

Ideal Arowana Fish Water Conditions

Arowana are tropical fish so they need to be kept in warmer water conditions

Nicknamed dragon fish, Arowanas not only look but act the part. These fishes belong to the ancient fish family of osteoglossidae.

Native to the inland waters of Southeast Asia and South America, these fishes feature an extended primitive appearance with large scales, a bony tongue and a unique pair of barbells jutting out from the tip of the lower jaw.

Experts suggest that this incredible aquatic creature has existed on our planet for more than 100 million years. Chinese folklore posits that arowanas bring good luck to their owners, as they bear a similar resemblance to the Chinese dragon. So, if you own a couple of them in your tank, consider yourself a lucky fella.

Arowanas are one of the most popular and sought-after monster freshwater fish around. While it is not particularly recommended for any beginner aquarist’s tank, it is an awesome addition nonetheless.

There are several types of Arowana, depending on the geographical location

  • Silver Arowana
  • Black Arowana
  • Australian Arowana
  • Saratoga
  • Green Arowana
  • Yellow Tail Arowana (Banjar)
  • Red Tail Golden Arowana
  • Golden Arowana
  • Red Arowana
  • Batik Arowana
  • African Arowana

Typically, arowanas can live up to 20 years in an enclosed space. There are reports suggesting that they can live for 50 years. Putting that into perspective, you’d see that keeping an Arowana is a long-term investment and dedication.

Hence, there are specific factors you need to put in place to ensure your Arowana is properly taken care of. One of them is the water condition. What kind of water condition is adequate for this monster fish?

Water Temperature

Arowanas are known to be a tropical fish, thus it is important they thrive in water temperature of about 86° Fahrenheit (30° Celsius).

Water care

It is also important to carry out nitrogen cycles for your tank, in order to reduce the ammonia level. You should transfer your arowana to another settlement in order to perform a nitrogen cycle.

Using a water test kit, you should ensure the ammonia (NH4) and nitrite (NO3) content remains at 0 ppm. It is recommended that the nitrate (NO4) content in the tank should be below 40 ppm. That way, the toxicity level of the tank is kept at the barest minimum.


As much as nitrogen cycles are recommended to keep the tank, constant filtration is also important to keep the arowanas healthy.

Arowanas consume large quantities of foods rich in protein to satisfy their greedy appetite. As a result, they release large waste into the tank, that if not filtered, could be harmful to them altogether.

While there are several filtration systems available, you should seek out the most efficient filtration system available. Sump filter, trickle filter, and even canister filter are some of the best filters that should be installed in your tank.


Arowanas, while ferocious-looking and elegant, are also delicate water creatures. It is important therefore to keep your tank and water in good condition always.

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