Can You Keep Common Goldfish With Fancy Goldfish?

There are different breeds of goldfish with distinct characteristics and as well as similar characteristics. Common goldfish are not very different from fancy goldfish except in certain features like body shape, behavior, agility, and color. Fancy goldfish are fragile, unlike the common goldfish.

Can You Keep Common Goldfish With Fancy Goldfish? No you can not, Common goldfish are faster and agile than fancy goldfish. These characteristics make them better competitors. Common and fancy goldfish should not be kept in the same tank; as the common goldfish will get almost all of the food and even attack the fancy goldfish.

Can You Keep Common Goldfish With Fancy Goldfish

What Is The Difference Between A Fancy Goldfish And A Common Goldfish?

There are different ways to distinguish a fancy goldfish from a common goldfish. Fancy goldfish are a very fragile variety of goldfish, while the common goldfish is a rugged type of goldfish. Ways to distinguish them include;

  • Their Appearance: The size goldfish grow into depends on the method of cultivation. In a confined space, they tend not to grow into large volumes. They grow into larger proportions in the wild than they do in tanks, especially small tanks. Fancy goldfish are known to grow into smaller sizes. Most fancy fish grow as large as 8 inches while common goldfish grow as long as 12 to 14 inches. Goldfish grow more extensive in the wild than they do in a confined area.
  • Fin Types: Goldfish have a variety of fins. There are fancy and sophisticated ones and also simple ones. The fancy goldfish possess fins with shapes of carps, just like every other fish. The common goldfish possess single tails with single caudal and anal fins. Their single tail gives them the ability to swim actively.
  • Lifespan: Most goldfish live a decade or half of a decade. The oldest goldfish lived for 43 years. Most goldfish can live for over ten years, even twenty. How long a goldfish lives depends on the conduciveness of the environment. If you take good care of your goldfish, it will certainly live longer. The lifespan of the goldfish depends on how properly you take care of the tank.
  • Color: Common goldfish often come in varieties of color. They sometimes come in red, blue, white, yellow, black, grey, brown, olive green, and orange color. They sometimes come in a mixture like white and black, white and green, grey and brown, and lots of other combinations. Most goldfish come in orange color. Just like common goldfish, the fancy goldfish also come in varieties of color only that they appear more colorful, and their color is mostly a mixture of colors.

Which Type of Goldfish Is Easy To Keep In The Aquarium?

Keeping fancy goldfish can be a challenging task to perform. Fancy goldfish are very fragile and not as agile as the common goldfish. This variety of  goldfish need care and attention.

You have to keep their environment on track. You should pay attention to the fish to notice the slightest change.

Unlike fancy goldfish, common goldfish are an active type of goldfish. They swim reliably and fast. Taking care of common goldfish doesn’t require much difficult tasking.

Common goldfish do not need much attention as the fancy goldfish do. They do require care and attention, but not as much as fancy goldfish do. They have a higher resistance than the fancy goldfish.

It is much easier to keep a common goldfish in an aquarium compared to a fancy goldfish in an aquarium. Also, It is easy to have a common goldfish than a fancy goldfish as a pet. It will save you much stress in maintaining the tank.

Which Aquatic Pets Are Compatible With The Goldfish?

There are different fish or aquatic animals that are compatible with the goldfish. Starting from the mollusks to the crustaceans then the Pisces, they are species that are compatible with the goldfish. They include;

Dojo loaches

Dojo loaches are fish that thrive in the same environmental conditions as goldfish. They are cold fish that enjoy burrowing, and this does not hinder the activities of goldfish. They also need ample space to thrive just like goldfish.

Rosy Barbs

Rosy Barbs grow as long as 4 to 6 inches. They enjoy the same water conditions as goldfish. They are usually orange in color and are more extensive than goldfish making it impossible for goldfish to eat them.

Also, they are not aggressive, so they do not attack goldfish. They like to be in groups, so putting a number of them in the tank is advisable.

Apple Snails

Apple snails are a very common aquarium snail used as a pet. They are very compatible with goldfish. Also, they have excellent adaptive features and can be a very great companion for goldfish in a large tank.

It is advisable to introduce the snail to when the goldfish is young so that it will get used to its partner. It is also impossible for the goldfish to feed on the snail because of its hard shell, and snails can’t eat fish.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows

This fish’s compatibility with goldfish is mainly because of its ability to stay in cold waters and thrive in the same water conditions as goldfish. They are schooling fish and might get bored when alone in the tank. It is therefore advisable to keep a number of them in the tank. The fish are fast swimmers, and they swim faster than goldfish making it difficult for goldfish to prey on them.

They are also compatible with other species of fish including several species of themselves. They can accommodate other species of themselves provided they have similar and beneficial factors.


Common goldfish are excellent and easy to rear. It takes commitment to keep goldfish but more responsibility for different species. Common goldfish are agile goldfish, which is advantageous for the aquarist as it is easy to detect any problem in their behavior.

Unlike common goldfish, fancy goldfish need a lot of care and maintenance. You have to put in a great deal of commitment in order to keep your fancy goldfish alive and agile.

Common goldfish are colorful, but fancy goldfish have brighter colors. They both can accommodate different species of aquatic creatures that are compatible with their existence.


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