Can Snails Live With Goldfish In An Aquarium Tank?

Goldfish is a freshwater fish, and it is one of the most common aquarium fishes. Several goldfish breeds vary in size, body shape, coloration, and fin configuration but have similar behavior and similar environmental demands. Snails, on the other hand, are also famous members of aquariums and they don’t usually cause any trouble anywhere they are kept. Snails are often found in freshwater as well, and they can survive in a wide range of ecosystems ranging from swamps to aquariums.

Can Snails Live With Goldfish

Snails can comfortably live with goldfish, as long as it is bigger than what the goldfish can feed on. Although Snails egg might not survive in the tank with goldfish, mature snails themselves will survive. They can live together because they have similar environmental demands, and they cannot physically harm or chase fish around.

However, snails can be a very messy invertebrate. Thus, they can pose a slight threat to an unhealthy fish population or a weakened fish. You don’t have to worry about the snails, causing any harm if you have a healthy fish population. One crucial fact that you should know is that snails don’t eat fish!

Nevertheless, you should pay proper attention to the goldfish to snail ratio in your tank. You might be causing an ecological imbalance in your aquarium tank if you overpopulate it with snails. You should also choose the right type of snails to keep with your goldfish. Even though almost all snails are compatible with goldfish, some are still more compatible than the others.

Top 5 Snails Suitable For Goldfish Tank

Snails are beautiful and are good addition to goldfish tank. They can help you secure an ecological balance within your aquarium tank. However, there are tons of snail types out there, and it is essential to pick the best ones to add to your tank. Here are the best five snail types to consider when deciding which type will best suit your goldfish tank.

  1. Nerite Snails: Nerite snails are suitable additions to your goldfish tanks because they are competent algae eaters. This ability alone allows them to help you keep the tank clean and make it more ideal for your goldfish. Also, you don’t have to fear the risk of overpopulation because they don’t reproduce in freshwater. They are peaceful with goldfish, and the snails are too large to be eaten by them.
  2. Japanese Trapdoor Snail: This snail type can be an excellent tank mate for goldfish because they grow substantial and there a tremendous cold water snail. They are also good algae eaters, thereby helping you to keep the aquarium clean. However, it would be a great idea to lower the level of your aquarium waterline because they occasionally come out of the water to breathe air.
  3. Mystery Snail: Mystery snail is another major algae eater that can grow very large. They are a fascinating fish type to add to your aquarium tank because of the way they cruise around the tank. You can also easily control their population growth by getting rid of the eggs they lay on the sides and lid of the tank.
  4. Ramshorn Snail: The primary reason why Ramshorn shell is a near-perfect addition to your goldfish tank is because of its ability to keep your tank clean. It achieves this by eating the algae and detritus in the tank. It is also a fascinating shell-type because of their beautiful whirling shell. They are very dependent on the availability of food, and they can eventually die if food is scarce.
  5. Melantho (Giant Pond) snail: As the name implies, Giant pond snail have large sizes that the goldfish cannot feed on. They are beneficial to your goldfish tank because they correctly eat up the algae in the tank without tampering with other aquarium plants. Likewise, they only require little maintenance to stay healthy. Melantho snail can also help you maintain balance in your goldfish tank.

Do Goldfish Eat Snails

The clarity as to whether goldfish can feed on snails is a frequently asked question among many aquarium enthusiasts. However, it would be best if you first understood that goldfish is omnivorous and can feed on varying food sources. While some argue that goldfish cannot break the shell of snails, others say that small snails are still vulnerable.

Goldfish usually don’t eat anything that does not fit into their mouth. Thus, we can say more giant snails are safe, considering this fact. Smaller snails can, however, be at risk of being predated by goldfish in case they don’t get enough food. They can munch up the shells of tiny snails and feed on them.

However, snails are nowhere near the top priorities of goldfish when it comes to food. They prefer a host of other foods rather than feeding on snails. If you find your goldfish feeding on smaller snails, it most likely means they lack sufficient supply of food.

Do Snails Eat Goldfish

The answer here is simple and straight forward. Snails cannot feed on goldfish. Snails cannot even physically harm your fish or chase them around in fish tanks. Besides, they are also too slow to match up the pace of goldfish.

Snails mostly feed on algae, dead fish, other detritus, and can only feed on aquarium plants if they are desperately in need of food. You should, however, be careful not to overpopulate your tank with snails to maintain an ecological balance.


The addition of snails to your goldfish tank can be an excellent idea if correctly done. Aside from the fact that the snails pose no severe threats to your goldfish, they can also be beneficial to them. They can help clean up your aquarium tanks by feeding on the algae without tampering with other aquarium plants. Goldfish can, however, feed on small snails if they are not well-fed.

However, you must ensure you control the population of the snails you introduce to your fish tanks. You should consider the available space, compatibility, and other factors needed to maintain an ecological balance.