Can A Male Guppy And A Female Molly Have Babies?

Guppies are very flexible when it comes to breeding and reproduction.  They are livebearers that give birth to young ones alive and they reproduce very fast. A mature female guppy can get pregnant and give birth about once a month. Guppies are also capable of interbreeding with closely related species provided there is proximity or they are kept together.

Technically yes. Male guppy and female molly can have babies because they belong to the same genus known as Poecillia. However, the cross is not as perfect as it seems because it does not give a new species. The offspring from this cross are sterile and cannot reproduce any further. Thus the lineage cannot continue. Some of the offspring are even born with deformities and they hardly live long.

Can A Male Guppy And A Female Molly Have Babies

Do Guppies And Mollies Get Along?

Guppies and mollies both belong to the Poecillia family; hence they have a lot of things in common. They are both peaceful fishes; therefore they get along rather easily. They are capable of interbreeding within themselves.

Mollies and guppies have similar and comparable characters and they also have similar tank requirements and environmental needs. They feed on similar food and they have similar physical features. In general, guppies and mollies can get along easily in the same tank.

However, it is important to know that the success of keeping guppies and mollies together can be influenced by specific breeds and the personal trait of the particular fish involved.  It can also be dependent on tank set up.

How To Set Up Your Tank For Guppies And Mollies

It is easy to set up the tank to accommodate both guppies and mollies because they are similar in their demands. In fact, they are both livebearers that give birth to free-swimming fry. Another good news is that livebearers generally are schooling fish. This means that they feel more comfortable in groups.

Mollies and guppies are tolerant when it comes to environmental demands. When they are together, it is best to keep them under freshwater conditions. They favour a temperature range of 75-82oF. They can also tolerate salinity up to the seawater level.

Both mollies and guppies give birth regularly. They both retain their eggs in their body and give birth to free-swimming fry. The males act aggressively towards females because they are more sexually active. That is why it is advisable to keep a single male with multiple females. A female to male ratio of 3:1 is considered favourable.

Therefore if you intend to cross mollies and guppies, you should keep them in the same tank. A single male guppy is enough for three female mollies in the same tank.


Mollies and guppies are peaceful fishes and hence they can form good tank mates. Likewise, they can interbreed because they belong to the same genus. However, the offspring from this cross does not give new species because they are often sterile. Similarly, the cross is not encouraged because the offspring can be deformed and they rarely live long.

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