What To Feed Angelfish To Make Them Grow

Feeding is an essential action in the day-to-day activities of fish. When you feed your fish, they experience some changes in their physical and mental body, which we term as growth. Angelfish needs a proper diet to grow.

What To Feed Angelfish To Make Them Grow

To make your angelfish grow, you should feed them with pellets, flakes, and vegetables. You can also feed them with live foods like worms, shrimps, planktons, and other foods. Feeding them with a balanced diet can also speed up their growth.

One of the characteristics of a living thing is to feed. Angelfish are living organisms, so they require feeding so they can grow. Eating the right food will significantly enhance their growth.

Food to Feed Your Angelfish to Boost Their Growth

Angelfish are opportunists; they will feed on anything that will fit into their mouths. But not every of the food your Angelfish eats enhances its growth. There are certain foods you need to feed your angelfish to help them grow. These foods include:

Cichlid flakes: Cichlid flakes are nutritional to angelfishes. Cichlid flakes have a high protein value. They are essential for the growth of angelfish. As we all know, protein helps repair and produce tissues; you should ensure that you feed your Angelfish well with cichlid flakes. This flake will improve and enhance its growth.

Cichlid pellets: Cichlid pellets also provide high nutrients to your angelfish. Cichlid pellets are rich in carbohydrates, which enables your fish to grow in strength and endurance.

It would be best if you feed your angelfish with cichlid pellets to help them grow in strength. Cichlid pellets should be fed in association with other food of different nutritional value to get a balanced diet.

Vegetables: Vegetables are rich in vitamins. Feeding your angelfish with vegetables will help them a lot. It will increase their resistance to disease and also helps enhance their growth. You should ensure to add vegetables to your angelfish’s diet.

Live food: It’s no news that most fishes prefer live food to pellets and flakes, especially in the wild. Live foods are usually very high in protein, so you shouldn’t hesitate to feed them to your angelfish. You should feed live foods to your angelfish.

Things You Should Do to Make Your Angelfish Grow Quickly

Aside from feeding your Angelfish, there are also other things to consider that will help keep your angelfish growing. And not just growing, developing swiftly. These factors constitute a lot to the growth of angelfish.

Many people overlook this factor because they presume the only cause of growth is feeding. Feeding will make a fish grow, but to ascertain the growth possibilities, you should take note of the factors.

Angelfish can be funny at times. Feeding them might not be enough for their growth. You should take these steps to ensure your angelfish growth;

  • Stress: Stress is one major factor that hinders the growth of fishes, especially Angelfish. It would be best if you reduced the stress your angelfish goes through. It will help them grow faster.
  • Maintain good hygiene: You should always ensure to cultivate good tank hygiene. Maintaining good health will aid the growth of your angelfish. It would help if you always kept the tank clean and hygienic.
  • Remove sick fish from the aquarium: Disease causes a deviation from the normal state of health of angelfishes, which deprives them of growth. Once an angelfish is sick, you should remove it from the tank so it won’t infect the other fishes with the disease.
  • Feed them regularly: Feeding should be a regular and consistent activity you carry out. You should ensure you feed your angelfish daily. There will be little or no effect on the growth of your angelfish if you feed them in a day or feed them inconsistently. Feeding your angelfish shouldn’t be a problem. You should ensure their food is available so you can feed them at the appropriate time.

Water Conditions Worth Noting

To ensure the growth of your Angelfish, you should take note of the quality of your water. The water quality should be kind and beyond. Keeping good water quality will enhance the growth of your angelfish. Here are some factors you should consider:

  • pH: The pH of the water is essential. You should always keep track of the pH of the water in the tank. The pH should not exceed the value of 6 and 8.
  • Temperature: As much as the pH is necessary, the temperature is also essential. You should always maintain a proper temperature for your angelfish. It would help if you kept the temperature of about 24°C and 29°C.
  • Hardness: You should also consider the hardness of the water. The hardness should be around 20dKH and 80dKH. You should maintain this hardness value to keep your angelfish growing.
  • Keep the water clean: You should always make sure the water clean. To keep the water clean, you should change the water regularly. Keeping the water clean will enhance the growth of your angelfish.

Tank Conditions Worth Noting

At times, Angelfish’s growth can be based on the tank you provide for them. Angelfish prefer to be in a large aquarium so they can move freely. The size of the aquarium can affect the growth of your angelfish positively and negatively.

The tank you keep your angelfish should be spacious. It should be as large as 55 gallons, so it will help your angelfish grow large. Also, you should add decorations to your tank.


The growth of an angelfish is dependent on the quality and quantity of the food you feed them. So, you should ensure you feed your angelfish with the appropriate variety of food. And it would be best if you also fed them regularly.

Aside from feeding your goldfish, it is also crucial to take note of the above steps and factors. It will enhance the growth of your angelfish.

Above all, you should take note of the water conditions of your angelfish. If you do not take care of the water, it might hinder their growth and hinder their survival.


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