Can Angelfish Live With Neon Tetras?

Many aquarists desire to keep multiple species of fish in the same tank. Angelfish and neon tetras are two common fish in the aquarium. Therefore, many aquarists are always passionate about keeping them together.

Can Angelfish Live With Neon Tetras

Neon tetras will make good tank mates for Angelfish, especially in the growing stage. They can co-exist peacefully without many complications. Neon tetras and Angelfish have similar environmental and tank requirements.

However, you can consider separating them as they grow into full maturity. This separation might be more necessary when Angelfish approaches their breeding period. This need is because Angelfish can become aggressive during their breeding period.

Also, you can consider separating them when the Angelfish starts growing more extensive than the Neon tetras. The separation will help you eliminate the risk of Angelfish snacking on neon tetras.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Tank Mates for Neon Tetras and Angelfish

It is not appropriate to keep just any species of fish in the tank before due considerations. If you neglect the review of the essential parameters, cohabitation might become detrimental in the long run.

On a general note, there are some key factors aquarists should consider before keeping different species of fish together in the same tank. One of such factors is the tank and nutritional requirements.

It is best only to keep fish with similar environmental and requirements together. This consideration will ease the demand for maintaining the tank. Likewise, it will guarantee the health safety and proper diet of each member of the aquarium.

Another factor to consider is the aggressiveness and general behavior of the fish. Combining fish in the same tank can only work when you are keeping fish of similar expressions together.

Avoid keeping aggressive fish with peaceful ones. Keeping two aggressive species together might not work as well. The best combinations are preferably two peaceful species or peaceful species with a slightly more aggressive species.

It would help if you also evaluated other general and breeding behaviors. The species you are keeping together should not disrupt the normal activities of one another. They shouldn’t prey on each other.

For Neon tetras, it is safe to keep them with fish of similar sizes. Since they are free swimmers, you can preferably keep them with bottom swimmers that won’t bother them. Avoid nibblers or other aggressive fish that can cause stress to your Neon tetras.

Angelfish are less demanding as long as their tank mates share similar environmental conditions. They would cope as long as their tank mates do not cause them stress or prey on them.

However, it would be best if you got a large enough tank to house the two species.

Other Suitable Tank Mates for Neon Tetras

Aside from Angelfish, Neon tetras can also cope with some other species of aquarium fish. They can even live in community tanks with suitable tank mates. Overall, small, peaceful, and hardy fish do well in the same fish tank with Neon tetras.

Here are some of the suitable tank mates for Neon tetras.

  1. Guppies: Guppies are one of the best tank mates for Neon tetras because they are small, peaceful, and hardy. They have docile nature, and both species can exist in a group of 4 or 6. They also make a great combination because guppies add amazing colors to the mix.
  2. Bettas: Bettas are freshwater fish that share similar environmental and tank conditions with Neon tetras. Bettas often stay away from tetras because the tetras prefer to swim in the middle of the fish tank. However, it is best to keep only one male Betta to the mix.
  3. Discus Fish: Discus fish are one of the best fish for community tanks. They are excellent tank mates for Neon tetras because of their peaceful behavior. The combination of Neon Tetras and Discuss is appealing to watch in the tank because of their swimming nature.
  4. Mollies: Mollies are also an excellent pick for Neon tetras because of their moderate size. They are also peaceful and hardy; thus, they are an excellent choice for community tanks.
  5. Loaches: Loaches are bottom dwellers. Hence, they form suitable tank mates because their activities don’t conflict. Some Loaches can grow up to 16 inches; thus, it is better to choose loaches of smaller sizes such as dwarf and zebra loaches.

Other Suitable Tank Mates for Angelfish 

As much as Angelfish enjoy the company of other Angelfish, they still thrive with other suitable tank mates. However, they might find it hard to cope if you drastically alter their environmental conditions. Therefore, it is best to keep them with fish of similar demands.

Here are some of the best tank mates for Angelfish.

  1. Corydoras Catfish: These species form great tank mates for Angelfish because they have similar environmental and tank demands. Likewise, they are bottom dwellers that do not disrupt the normal activities of Angelfish.
  2. German Rams: German rams form a fantastic combination with Angelfish. They share the same temperature range and also demand a similar level of cleanliness for tank water.
  3. Kribensis Cichlids: This species of cichlids from a good tank mate for Angelfish due to their peaceful behavior. Kribensis Cichlids often spend most of their time hiding in the tank. Likewise, the nature of their food preference won’t create too much competition.
  4. Kuhli Loaches: Kuhli Loaches are peaceful bottom dwellers that love the company of Angelfish. They are also carnivorous; thus, feeding them together will not be challenging.
  5. Britlenose Plecos: Britlenose plecos are not only good tank mates for Angelfish in terms of behaviors; they also make the tank more suitable. Britlenose Plecos are algae eaters; thus, they assist in cleaning the tank.


Combining two or more species of fish in the same tank is a great deal. It adds diversity and color to your tank. Likewise, it helps you to add complementary features to your tank.

Nevertheless, you should ensure that you are only keeping suitable tank mates together. The species you are pairing should have complementary behaviors, as well as similar environmental and nutritional demands. Also, they shouldn’t cause stress or harm each other.

Neon tetras and Angelfish is one of such combinations.