Betta Fish Fin Rot Symptoms, Cause Treatment

Betta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish is a vibrantly colored species that we usually see in aquariums. The beautiful water creature is somewhat sensitive and needs some extra care to make its survival comfortable and free of disease.

Betta Fish Fin Rot

Most commonly Betta fish undergo fin rot disease. That is although harmful to life but is treatable. One can take care of it and help the fish to live long. Before we learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatment we fist know what basically the disease is and how it occurs.

Fin Rot

It is the condition in which the fins get affected by the bacterial attack. The common bacteria that are known to cause this disease is Aeromonas, Vibrio or Pseudomonas. The bacterial attack causes the fin to get necrotic or eroded. Betta fish is a sensitive type when it gets crowded by other fish the bacteria may attack and cause this problem. Moreover, an unhealthy diet also results in this common disease.

Other causes

Other than bacterial infection and inadequate diet, the betta fish may suffer from fin rot because of the following causes

  • Poor water quality
  • Improper water temperature
  • Overcrowding of tank
  • Overfeeding the fish
  • Uncontrolled ph. of water
  • Tank full of algae or fungus.

Signs That Indicate That Fish Is Having Fin Rot

The studies say that the fish suffer from the disease in three stages. Each one has a different symptom. Stage 1 is the minor or the start of disease while the third one is the last stage that requires treatment with medications. The symptoms of fin rot according to the stage are described below

Primary sign

It is the start of the disease in which the tail and fins show slight discoloration. Mainly the edges get affected. Mainly the fin color becomes white, red or black depending on the original color of the fish.

Stage 2 symptoms

When the bacterial attack gets severe and the fish does not get treatment at the primary level the edges look frayed. Moreover, the fins start getting die and fall off. Thus, leaving the ragged inflammatory edges. This may be painful and provide discomfort to the betta fish.

Severe signs

It is the potent state and may lead to the death of fish if it is untreated. At this level, the whole fin or tail got rotten. Moreover, the infection spread throughout the body. The whole body gets black or white plus inflammation occurs. In this stage fish show, no interest in food as well as does not swim well. It is the stage when the body will not fight against the disease and lost life.

How to Treat Fin Rot?

To treat your fish and prevent it from losing life it is important to apply the following treatment strategies.

First, check out the tank’s environment

The primary factor that leads to this disease and causes the fish to get sick is an unhealthy tank environment. It is important to have an aquarium water test kit to check the Ph, temperature, and cleanliness of the water. Betta fish need a clean, normal ph. water. If anyone of these gets imbalanced, bacteria start growing and attack to fish. So, if you see that there are stage 1 symptoms present immediately make the tank environment that is suitable for fish to avoid further disease attack. Make sure, there is no stress environment, no sharp decoration pieces, and dirty water present.

Once you find the disease-causing factors immediately take action and remove the particular source to provide your fish with a healthy environment.

Fish tank cleaning

Another important thing that will help you to give your fish a safe and healthy environment is tank cleaning. Not only, if your fish is sick, you apply the cleaning of your tank but you should make a routine of maintaining a tank regularly. You must first shift the fish to the clean tank with moderate temperature. then vacuum the original aquarium tank. Remove the dirty water, wipe out the algae as well as other dirt particles. Plus wash the decorations to completely remove any parasite. Treat the tank with a mild antiseptic that is not harmful to fish. Be careful, don’t add chlorine, ammonia or nitrate in water as it may be detrimental. Now pour new water, bring temperature and pH that is suitable for fish and allow the betta to land in its tank.


If your fish condition is severe and you have used all cleaning parameters to wipe out bacteria from the tank still it is suffering. Then, it’s mean you have to consult your veterinary doctor to get the treatment, mainly doctors prescribe erythromycin. It is a suitable antibiotic for treatment against the fin rot causing bacterial species. For the fish who got an attack of fungal infection. For that methylene blue is best.

Point To Ponder

It is important to know the source of the attack. If it is bacterial than antibiotics will work otherwise for the fungal attack it is useless to give erythromycin. So, take the suggestion of the doctor and then start treatment to avoid any problem.

Diet For Fish

In this disease, the fish lost its nutrients fast especially vitamins, so, you should be careful about its diet. Try to feed the fish with fresh food. Don’t use stale or low-quality food. Take recommendations from the doctor to feed the food that is good for your fish and help in recovery.

Preventive Measures

The betta fish get easily sick due to fin rot. So, to avoid this situation in your fish try to follow the preventive measures given below

  • Always feed your fish a fresh food
  • Keep the water temperature optimum
  • The pH of the water must be controlled
  • Clean the tank regularly
  • Don’t overfeed your fish.
  • Don’t overcrowd the tank with other fish and decoration material

If you think your fish pet is sick and showing unusual behavior consult your vet and get treatment to save its life. take care of your fish by using preventive measures and keep an eye on its activity to prevent it from losing a life.