Are Betta Fish Smart? Everything You Need To Know Here

Betta fish are quite popular in aquarist fish tanks. They are notable for their interactive nature because of their ability to react to movement outside the tank. They recognize individuals, objects, and interact with patterns.

Betta fish are smart. Although Betta fish might not be as smart as some other aquarium members, they are still considerably intelligent.

Are Betta Fish Smart

They are believed to be closely related to cichlids in the evolution tree; thus, sharing some of their intelligent traits. Betta fish further display their level of smartness in the way they show parental care.

Even though Betta fish have less developed brains than aves and mammals, they still show a level of emotion. They can grow to recognize and like their owners.

Can Betta Fish Identify Their Owners?

Having a lovely fish species like the Betta fish in your fish tank can be quite interesting. The fact that they interact with their environment makes them more appealing.

The question about Betta fish identifying their owners has been a long-standing debate among several aquarists. Although there is no standard answer to this question, there are some general observations.

Betta fish are small but quite intelligent. They behave in various manners that amuse aquarists and aquarium enthusiasts.

Betta fish can identify with objects, persons and recognize patterns. Consequently, there is a high probability that Betta fish will recognize their owners, especially if he feeds them regularly.

Although they have less emotion than Aves and mammals, Betta fish still find a way of attaching to what they are used to.

Betta fish will get used to the presence of an individual, pattern, or object over time. They also have a curious nature that makes them interact consistently with their environment. With these attitudes, there is a high probability that Betta fish will recognize their owner over time.

Can Betta Fish Identify Their Owners

Choosing the Right Tank Setup For Your Betta Fish

Betta fish can only display their intelligence and develop it when they are happy and comfortable. The comfort, general body, and mental growth are an aggregate of how well you keep them, what you feed them, their stress level, and overall health conditions.

Betta fish are native to the tropical environment, and they thrive best in aquariums with filters and heaters. This preference translates to the fact that they love clean and warm environments.

Betta fish prefers water temperature within the range of 76-84°F. They are the most active and interactive within this temperature.

You might not necessarily have to include a filter in the fish tank if you are confident of ensuring the tank’s constant cleanliness. Betta fish are very susceptible to poor water conditions. They require partial water changes at least every 2 to 3 weeks.

Adding live plants and decorations to Betta fish tank will help them feel safe. It will help them interact better and improve their psychology.

It is best to subdue the lighting in the Betta tank to simulate their natural habitat. This step will also help you reduce stress and get the best out of this fish species. High light intensity will also promote algae growth, which can make Betta fish uncomfortable.

Ensure to keep Betta fish in the quiet part of your home. Too much noise can stress them because of their regular interaction with their environment.

Each Betta fish requires an average of 5 gallons. This figure can be compromised if you are keeping more than one Betta fish. The minimum requirement for a single Betta fish is 3 gallons regardless of how many you are keeping.

General Behavior of Betta fish

Adding Betta fish to your fish tank means you are ready for several episodes of fun. They are very active and interact consistently with their immediate environment. Overall, their behavior is always energetic.

Betta fish love to feel safe in their environment, and adding live plants and decorations to the tank can help you achieve this. They will express their full behavior in still or gently flowing water.

These fish species are not fast swimmers; hence, they need a cover of live plants and decorations. If they find their tank mates or other tank members uncomfortable, they will keep to themselves.

They are constantly active in the presence of light. However, you can regulate fish’s activity by using a day/night timer.

Importantly, you should never keep two male Betta fish together because it will be disastrous. They will fight each other to death or until one becomes excessively stressed out.

You should also avoid keeping them with fin nippers like tiger barbs. Larger fish can prey on Betta fish, and they can also go after smaller fish.

Regular Tank Maintenance for Betta fish

Betta fish are only active when they are happy when you keep them in a clean and well-decorated tank. They are susceptible to diseases, stress, and death in a dirty environment.

Some aquarists and experts recommend adding a filter to a Betta fish tank to ensure that the tank is clean at all times. Adding live plants and regulating the number of fish you add to the tank also plays a vital role.

Ensure that you carry out a routine check on the water parameters at least once a week. Likewise, you should ensure the stability of these conditions, particularly the temperature.

Carry out partial water changes (up to 25%) at least once in three weeks. It is best to get rid of leftover foods from Betta fish’s tank immediately after eating to prevent the accumulation of organic waste.

You can employ the service of a gravel siphon to clean the gravel every fortnight.  Algae magnet is also viable for removing any algae build-up.


If you intend to add some fun and interaction elements to your tank, then Betta fish provides you with a valuable option. They interact and identify with various elements in their environment, including persons, patterns, noise, and objects.

Betta fish needs a clean, warm, and stable tank to remain active. They also love live plants and decorations because it provides them with comfort and lots of hiding spaces.