How Big Do Cobra Guppies Get?

The red cobra guppy, also known as millions fish is one of the easiest aquarium fish to care for. It is a peaceful fish that also gets along easily with other peaceful tank mates. It is one of the aquarium top choices because it matures quickly. However, the male cobra guppies are usually smaller than their female counterparts.

The maximum size of a red cobra guppy is around 2.5″ (6 cm). It should however be noted that there is a wide variation in the sizes of cobra guppies which can also be linked with the sex. The males are usually smaller than their female counterpart. They averagely maintain a maximum size of around 1.5″ (3.6 cm) or less.

How Big Do Cobra Guppies Get

General Description of Cobra Guppies

Cobra guppies can be easily identified by their body patterns and colours. They have horizontal stripes that are sometimes combined with rosettes. They often have solid base colours as well as horizontal chaining. The back half of the body is usually grey, while the front is a mixture of brilliant colours.

Cobra guppies are also sexually dimorphic, meaning you can easily tell their sexes by their body colour, fin types and body size. The male cobra guppies are usually smaller than females. Likewise, the striking tail fin of the male often has an orange colour. They have white in the middle with a black spot pattern cutting through.

The females may be of different varieties but you can easily tell the difference from the males. The colouration of the females is not as bright as that of the males even though they are bigger. They can also have pregnancy patch on their lower body.  The anal fin of female cobra guppy is rounded, while that of the male is pointed.

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Environmental Demand Of Cobra Guppies

Cobra guppy is a peaceful type of aquarium fish and is very tolerant of changing environmental conditions. Other peaceful fish often make good tank mates with them. They often require a tank with at least 20 gallons of water.  They are omnivores and also require both algae-based foods as well as meaty foods that are preferably freeze-dried.

Although they easily adapt to varying environmental conditions, especially temperature but they grow best at a temperature between 64-82oF. They also have the ability to survive in a wide range of pH between 5.5-8.0. Their carbonate hardness (KH) is between 10-30.

They prefer hard water; therefore plant varieties that will be added should be the ones that can increase the hardness of the water. Examples of such plants include java fern and java moss. They are generally known to be peaceful but can few times exhibit nipping behaviours. They can also breed in both freshwater and marine aquaria.


The sizes of cobra guppy can be directly linked to their sexes. The males are often smaller than their female counterparts. Therefore, how big a cobra guppy does get can be influenced and limited by its sex. You should expect your female cobra guppy to be bigger than male cobra guppy at maturity.

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