Do Guppies Poop Before Giving Birth?

Guppies are livebearers, which means when guppies attain maturity, they give birth to live, feasible, free-swimming offspring.

They do not lay eggs, knowing how guppies give birth can aids aquarium lovers to enjoy breeding healthy guppies more without stressing the pregnant guppy or risking the lives of the young fries (baby guppy).

Do Guppies Poop Before Giving Birth

TIP : I have written a guide on how to care for pregnant guppies, check it out here

Do Guppies Poop Before Giving Birth?

Whenever a pregnant guppy is pooping many times than the norm this is usually a sign she will give birth in about an hour’s time, though some female guppies start having high poops from the second week of pregnancy.

Let us discuss this first. You need to be sure if your female guppy is gravid or not. Gravid is a fishery terminology that the good thing is, it is not hard to know if a guppy is gravid. If you are caring for male and female guppies in the same aquarium, female guppies get pregnant fast within days most of the time, unless they are infertile.

During pregnancy, female guppies usually possess a bulging belly. Their gravid spot, which is directly above their anal fin, will turn prominent and darker. In the few weeks of pregnancy, their stomach will continue to expand, until the fries are out.

How To Know If Female Guppies Are About To Give Birth.

Female guppies usually deliver their fries within 25-35 days after mating with male guppies. It is difficult to predict the exact date when they will give birth to the fries. Moreover, there are ways from which you can detect that your female guppy is about to deliver.

When your guppy hides between plants or isolate themselves or stay in the corner of the aquarium, those are the sign that your female guppy fish is in labor and set to deliver fries. These factors are unusual to guppies; that is why it is not hard to detect. Once you see a pregnant guppy isolating herself, then it is time to put her in a separate aquarium.

Sometimes a guppy will poop alot before giving birth so this is also another sign.

The below video shows you signs you should look out for a guppy that is ready to give birth.

YouTube video

Why Does My Pregnant Guppy White Stringy Poop

White stringy poop from a pregnant guppy is a sign of a parasitic infection within the fish.  You will need to feed medicated food to help get rid of the infection.

You can get medicated fish food from amazon.  You should also check the water conditions of the tank to make sure all is ok.

Is the water clean as well? It would be worth to check and clean the filters in your tank.

Details About Guppies Giving Birth

The first question friends ask when they visit our aquarium for the first time is, “Like how many babies do guppies produce?” The answer is here, whenever a female guppy gives birth, the female will “drop” 2 to 200 baby guppies, called fries, this delivery usually takes place within 4 to 6 hours, while atimes it takes over 12 hours. Though there are hours spacing in between the fries delivery.

The baby guppies usually give birth to curled shaped fries, just as they appear in the mother’s womb if you subject them to a scan. Immediately after birth, like tadpoles, they will straighten themselves and start swimming.

Moreover, healthy newborn guppies often swim in ascending order, this shows perfect health, but guppies that are stressed or not fully formed are found at the bottom of the aquarium as they sink.

This Is What Happen When Guppy is Set To Give Birth.

Female guppies can become pregnant after
their three weeks birthday, and if the females are not quickly parted from male guppies, they can deliver once every month consistently for a decade. Guppy lovers must swiftly learn to spot the signs of a pregnant guppy in the tank. It is essential you also know weight gain and the blackening of the gravid spot close to the anus below the tail.

The pregnancy period for guppies is usually from 21 to 30 days (within 22 to 26 days most times) according to the aquarium’s temperature, cleanliness, and the female guppy’s health. Close to the end of the pregnancy period, the female will display signs of the imminent birth.

Pregnant Guppies Signs Of Delivery

Fish display different signs when they are close to delivery, guppies are no exception, and every female guppy will show similar signs when she’s ready to give birth. The nuggets below will guide you when next your guppies are pregnant.

i) The female navel during the gestation period is usually box or square in shape.
ii) The gravid spot is very black or dark
iii) Female guppy that is almost ready to give birth will start finding a hiding place in the tank.
iv) Variation in eating behaviors, such as snubbing food.
v) Quivering or shuddering signs during contractions
vi) Consistent, rapid breathing, this can be scary if you have not seen it before.

When a female guppy displays symptoms that she is set to give birth, the best suggestion is to isolate her to a delivery tank or net inside the standard tank or in a separate aquarium. This will single her from other fish in the tank, so she do not need to pass through too much stress. Some delivery tanks have dividers that give the fries a safe place to start swimming immediately after birth. Ensure you feed your guppy when she is done giving birth because hungry guppies love to eat fries.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Delivery Tank

A simple method to make your guppy delivery area and preserve the pregnant guppy and her fries safety is by using a small stainless/plastic soda-type bottle.

Cut the upper part of the bottle, leaving a strip of about one inch to four inches extended sticking out from the bottom half.

Use a hairdryer or other heating component to twist the strip out and down so that it forms a “hook.”
Use a knife to bore holes on the bottle.
Place the bottle into the aquarium/tank, using the hook to lock it to the top of the tank.
Place the fries in the bottle. This way, they can swim inside the container, and water from the aquarium will fill the bottle while the bottle itself saves the fries.

Do Guppies Poop Before Giving Birth?

Guppies have long, whitish or translucent, stringy poop? A times guppies refuse to eat due to this, and the poop is usually awkward. White poop is most times, a sign of some diseases or infection. Whenever a pregnant guppy is pooping many times than the norm, most of the time, she will give birth in an hour’s time though some female guppies start having high poops from the second week of pregnancy.

It will amaze you that a female guppy can become pregnant immediately after delivering fries because they can store sperm in the body for many months, and not all their sperm get fertilized at once. Before the death of a female guppy, you are guaranteed to have over 2,000 fries.

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