Can Guppies Eat Tropical Fish Flakes

Guppies are kept in public places and homes around the world to beautify the environment, many people wonder what the right food to give, this post was created to inform you if guppies eat tropical fish flakes.

The answer to the topic is yes, the consume tropical fish flakes, but it must be in the right proportion. It must be mentioned that flakes are nutritious and healthy for guppies consumption. It is not smart to buy this feed anywhere because there are fake guppy feeds around that are not beneficial to the fish, tropical fish flakes with protein and vegetable still the best.

Can Guppies Eat Tropical Fish Flakes

There are ingredients in fish flake that make guppy retain their beautiful color while staying healthy. Don’t also forget to freeze excess tropical feed, especially if it will take weeks before they are given to guppy.

Guppies have a small mouth as you know, don’t feed them with pellet tropical fish feed, non-pelleted feed is best for them. Besides, overfeeding is a kind of mistake almost every aquarist makes because of a lack of adequate knowledge.

Guppies though they are voracious eater, they don’t require feeding in every hour, feed them with a pinch of tropical fish flake feeds once every twenty-four hours. You should be done feeding them within 60 – 120 seconds because the more you continue to pour food into the water without their response, the dirtier the aquarium will be.

Another mistake aquarist make is going back to feed guppies because they show traces of hunger. It is best for you to see them hungry after feeding them because there will be a reduction of debris at the bottom of the tank instead of seeing them eating little out of so much food and eventually having a dirty aquarium.

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Other Feeds

Moreover, tropical fish flake food should not be the only meal you are serving the guppies though they can grow with only flakes from fry to the adult stage, you can add to their nutrient by introducing mosquito larvae, blood worm, shrimps and the likes.

However, guppies that have low protein content but high vegetable contents should be given flaked, frozen, or live baby brine shrimp, which is abundant in protein. If you have given

them too much feeds high in protein, but low in vegetables then is time to change their meals to shredded lettuce, shucked peas, or finely chopped cucumber to balance guppies diet.

It is advisable to stay away from tubifex worms or live daphnia because tubifex worms contain lethal bacteria which can bring diseases to your guppies, visit pet stores and read labels before buying any feed while live daphnia takes oxygen away from the aquarium especially when large numbers are poured into it, and they are more costly than other live guppy feeds.

How Do I Feed My Guppy When I Am Away

Do you know adult guppies can stay without food for over seven days, but if you are not around to feed them for over seven days because you will not be around, then you must do the following.

There are automatic guppy feeds dispenser which can supply food for them once or twice daily depending on how you set it

Try using feeder gel or block; they will eat it gradually till you are back though there are insinuations that it contains harmful chemicals

In conclusion, the third but not the least is getting a neighbor that can do this for you, adult guppies can stay without food for days, but they will lose nutrients in those days while fry might die if they are not fed in 48 hours.